List of All Fire Monsters | Duel Links

This is a list of all fire monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a fire monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

This is a list of all fire monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a fire monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

List of Fire Monsters


Card Rarity Type Rating
Currently UnavailableGreat Shogun Shien UR Warrior /10
Fire King High Avatar GarunixFire King High Avatar Garunix UR Winged Beast /10
Tyrant DragonTyrant Dragon UR Dragon /10
Rigorous ReaverRigorous Reaver UR Plant /10
Sacred Phoenix of NephthysSacred Phoenix of Nephthys UR Winged Beast /10
Shiranui SquiresagaShiranui Squiresaga UR Zombie /10
Yoko the Graceful MayakashiYoko, the Graceful Mayakashi UR Zombie /10
Meteor B. DragonMeteor B. Dragon UR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableKnight of the Red Lotus UR Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableBlazing Inpachi UR Pyro /10
Phoenix GearfriedPhoenix Gearfried UR Warrior /10
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 UR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableVolcanic Rocket UR Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableVolcanic Doomfire UR Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear UR Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Spirit UR Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableCerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys UR Winged Beast /10
Lavalval DragonLavalval Dragon UR Dragon /10
Neo Flamvell SabreNeo Flamvell Sabre UR Pyro /10
Gladiator Beast HeraklinosGladiator Beast Heraklinos UR Beast-Warrior /10
Thestalos the Firestorm MonarchThestalos the Firestorm Monarch UR Pyro /10
Elemental HERO Nova MasterElemental HERO Nova Master UR Warrior /10
Flamvell UruquizasFlamvell Uruquizas UR Pyro /10
Vermillion Dragon MechVermillion Dragon Mech UR Machine /10
Black Rose DragonBlack Rose Dragon UR Dragon /10
Jet SynchronJet Synchron UR Machine /10
Invoked PurgatrioInvoked Purgatrio UR Fiend /10
MiscellaneousaurusMiscellaneousaurus UR Dinosaur /10
Degrade BusterDegrade Buster UR Cyberse /10
D/D/D Flame King GenghisD/D/D Flame King Genghis UR Fiend /10
Witchcrafter SchmiettaWitchcrafter Schmietta UR Spellcaster /10
Lava GolemLava Golem UR Fiend /10
Pyrorex the Elemental LordPyrorex the Elemental Lord UR Dinosaur /10
Uria Lord of Searing FlamesUria, Lord of Searing Flames UR Pyro /10
Nine-Tailed FoxNine-Tailed Fox UR Zombie /10
Evolsaur DiploEvolsaur Diplo UR Dinosaur /10
Thestalos the Mega MonarchThestalos the Mega Monarch UR Pyro /10
Fortune Fairy EnFortune Fairy En UR Spellcaster /10
Coach Soldier WolfbarkCoach Soldier Wolfbark UR Beast-Warrior /10
Number 61 VolcasaurusNumber 61: Volcasaurus UR Dinosaur /10
Skull FlameSkull Flame UR Zombie /10
Volcanic CounterVolcanic Counter UR Pyro /10
The Blazing MarsThe Blazing Mars UR Pyro /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Elemental HERO BlazemanElemental HERO Blazeman SR Warrior /10
Red SprinterRed Sprinter SR Fiend /10
Fire King Avatar GarunixFire King Avatar Garunix SR Winged Beast /10
Sergeant ElectroSergeant Electro SR Machine /10
Warm WormWarm Worm SR Insect /10
Gaia Soul the Combustible CollectiveGaia Soul the Combustible Collective SR Pyro /10
Heavy Knight of the FlameHeavy Knight of the Flame SR Zombie /10
Sylvan KomushroomoSylvan Komushroomo SR Plant /10
Red ResonatorRed Resonator SR Fiend /10
Secret Pass to the TreasuresShiranui Squire SR Zombie /10
Shiranui SolitaireShiranui Solitaire SR Zombie /10
Vulcan the DivineVulcan the Divine SR Beast-Warrior /10
Flamvell FiredogFlamvell Firedog SR Beast /10
Naglfar Generaider Boss of FireNaglfar, Generaider Boss of Fire SR Beast-Warrior /10
Mathmech AdditionMathmech Addition SR Cyberse /10
Geomathmech MagmaGeomathmech Magma SR Cyberse /10
Dakki the Graceful MayakashiDakki, the Graceful Mayakashi SR Zombie /10
Currently UnavailableGoka, The Pyre of Malice SR Zombie /10
Hino-Kagu-TsuchiHino-Kagu-Tsuchi SR Pyro /10
Yamata DragonYamata Dragon SR Dragon /10
CaninetaurCaninetaur SR Beast-Warrior /10
Flame TigerFlame Tiger SR Beast /10
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 SR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableJurrac Guaiba SR Dinosaur /10
Currently UnavailableJurrac Titano SR Dinosaur /10
Currently UnavailableFlamvell Guard SR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableDread Dragon SR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Lakeside Lady SR Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince SR Beast-Warrior /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - SwallowBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Swallow SR Beast-Warrior /10
Gladiator Beast LaquariGladiator Beast Laquari SR Beast-Warrior /10
Spirit of FlamesSpirit of Flames SR Pyro /10
Berlineth the Firestorm VassalBerlineth the Firestorm Vassal SR Pyro /10
Broterhood of the Fire Fist - GorillaBroterhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla SR Beast-Warrior /10
Evocator ChevalierEvocator Chevalier SR Warrior /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - LeopardBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Leopard SR Beast-Warrior /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - DragonBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon SR Beast-Warrior /10
Black BrutdragoBlack Brutdrago SR Dragon /10
Red Sparrow SummonerRed Sparrow Summoner SR Spellcaster /10
Nitro WarriorNitro Warrior SR Warrior /10
Inari FireInari Fire SR Pyro /10
Legendary Flame LordLegendary Flame Lord SR Spellcaster /10
Blazewing ButterflyBlazewing Butterfly SR Insect /10
Flamvell GrunikaFlamvell Grunika SR Dragon /10
Jurrac TyrannusJurrac Tyrannus SR Dinosaur /10
Blue Flame SwordsmanBlue Flame Swordsman SR Warrior /10
FenghuangFenghuang SR Winged Beast /10
Marina Princess of SunflowersMarina, Princess of Sunflowers SR Plant /10
Royal Firestorm GuardsRoyal Firestorm Guards SR Pyro /10
Chow Len the ProphetChow Len the Prophet SR Spellcaster /10
Ambulance RescueroidAmbulance Rescueroid SR Machine /10
Spy-C-SpySpy-C-Spy SR Warrior /10
Familiar-Possessed - HiitaFamiliar-Possessed - Hiita SR Spellcaster /10
Flare ResonatorFlare Resonator SR Fiend /10
Evolsaur CeratoEvolsaur Cerato SR Dinosaur /10
Valkyrian KnightValkyrian Knight SR Warrior /10
Evoltile NajashoEvoltile Najasho SR Reptile /10
Gren Maju Da EizaGren Maju Da Eiza SR Fiend /10
Pyrotech Mech - ShiryuPyrotech Mech - Shiryu SR Pyro /10
Decoy DragonDecoy Dragon SR Dragon /10
Evoltile ElgineroEvoltile Elginero SR Reptile /10
Evoltile LagosuchoEvoltile Lagosucho SR Reptile /10
Vulcan Dragni the Cubic KingVulcan Dragni the Cubic King SR Fairy /10
Wind-Up MagicianWind-Up Magician SR Spellcaster /10
Wind-Up ZenmainesWind-Up Zenmaines SR Machine /10
Currently UnavailableVolcanic Slicer SR Pyro /10
Fire King Avatar ArvataFire King Avatar Arvata SR Beast-Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Headgeared SR Warrior /10
Hazy Flame BasiltriceHazy Flame Basiltrice SR Pyro /10
Number 79 BattlinNumber 79: Battlin' Boxer Nova Kaiser SR Warrior /10
GundariGundari SR Pyro /10
Burning Skull HeadBurning Skull Head SR Zombie /10
Solar Flare DragonSolar Flare Dragon SR Pyro /10
Volcanic ScattershotVolcanic Scattershot SR Pyro /10
Laval Magma CannoneerLaval Magma Cannoneer SR Pyro /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Darkblaze DragonDarkblaze Dragon R Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableSeed of Flame R Plant /10
Elemental HERO InfernoElemental HERO Inferno R Pyro /10
Elemental HERO Lady HeatElemental HERO Lady Heat R Pyro /10
Elemental HERO HeatElemental HERO Heat R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableHazy Flame Peryton R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableFire King Avatar Barong R Beast-Warrior /10
Red WargRed Warg R Fiend /10
Elemental HERO Flare NeosElemental HERO Flare Neos R Warrior /10
Fire King Avatar BarongFire King Avatar Barong R Beast-Warrior /10
Infernal Flame EmperorInfernal Flame Emperor R Pyro /10
Flame RulerFlame Ruler R Pyro /10
The Thing in the CraterThe Thing in the Crater R Pyro /10
Iron Blacksmith KotetsuIron Blacksmith Kotetsu R Beast-Warrior /10
Fire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar Yaksha R Beast-Warrior /10
Brushfire KnightBrushfire Knight R Warrior /10
Red Dragon NinjaRed Dragon Ninja R Winged Beast /10
Hazy Flame HyppogrifHazy Flame Hyppogrif R Pyro /10
Sylvan HermitreeSylvan Hermitree R Plant /10
Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault ModeDoomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode R Zombie /10
Shiranui Spectralsword ShadeShiranui Spectralsword Shade R Zombie /10
Shiranui SamuraiShiranui Samurai R Zombie /10
Shiranui SpiritmasterShiranui Spiritmaster R Zombie /10
ShienShiranui Spectralsword R Zombie /10
Shiranui SunsagaShiranui Sunsaga R Zombie /10
Shiranui ShogunsagaShiranui Shogunsaga R Zombie /10
Flamvell PounFlamvell Poun R Pyro /10
Fox FireFox Fire R Pyro /10
UFO TurtleUFO Turtle R Machine /10
Mathmech SubtractionMathmech Subtraction R Cyberse /10
Phonon Pulse DragonPhonon Pulse Dragon R Dragon /10
Puralis The Purple PyrotilePuralis, The Purple Pyrotile R Reptile /10
Currently UnavailableHiita The Fire Charmer R Spellcaster /10
Currently UnavailableCrimson Sunbird R Winged Beast /10
Doomkaiser DragonDoomkaiser Dragon R Zombie /10
Shiranui SwordsagaShiranui Swordsaga R Zombie /10
Guardian CealGuardian Ceal R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableBonfire Colossus R Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableBlast Magician R Spellcaster /10
Currently UnavailableGreat Angus R Beast /10
Dragonic KnightDragonic Knight R Dragon /10
RhinotaurusRhinotaurus R Beast-Warrior /10
Alien TelepathAlien Telepath R Reptile /10
Currently UnavailableJurrac Stauriko R Dinosaur /10
Currently UnavailableVolcanic Hammerer R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableVolcanic Shell R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableNeo Flamvell Origin R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster R Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Caribou R Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Boar R Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Volcano Handmaiden R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Lancelord R Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableRed Mirror R Fiend /10
Currently UnavailableRed Gardna R Fiend /10
Currently UnavailableThermal Genex R Machine /10
Currently UnavailableAncient Flamvell Deity R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Kirin R Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableLavalval Dragun R Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Dual Slasher R Warrior /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - CoyoteBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Coyote R Beast-Warrior /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - BuffaloBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Buffalo R Beast-Warrior /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - RavenBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven R Beast-Warrior /10
Masked HERO GokaMasked HERO Goka R Warrior /10
Twinheaded BeastTwinheaded Beast R Beast /10
Laval CannonLaval Cannon R Warrior /10
Laval BurnerLaval Burner R Pyro /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - RhinoBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rhino R Beast-Warrior /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - SnakeBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake R Beast-Warrior /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiu Gravirose R Plant /10
Rose Warrior of RevengeRose, Warrior of Revenge R Warrior /10
Trident DragionTrident Dragion R Dragon /10
Evolsaur EliasEvolsaur Elias R Dinosaur /10
Jurrac VeloJurrac Velo R Dinosaur /10
Legendary Six Samurai - MizuhoLegendary Six Samurai - Mizuho R Warrior /10
Jurrac MeteorJurrac Meteor R Dinosaur /10
Jurrac GiganotoJurrac Giganoto R Dinosaur /10
Arnis the Empowered WarriorArnis, the Empowered Warrior R Warrior /10
Apple Magician GirlApple Magician Girl R Spellcaster /10
Jet WarriorJet Warrior R Warrior /10
Jurrac AeoloJurrac Aeolo R Dinosaur /10
The Weather Painter SunThe Weather Painter Sun R Fairy /10
Tenkabito ShienTenkabito Shien R Pyro /10
RescueroidRescueroid R Machine /10
Raging Flame SpriteRaging Flame Sprite R Pyro /10
Manga Ryu-RanManga Ryu-Ran R Dragon /10
Magna DragoMagna Drago R Dragon /10
Magma DragonMagma Dragon R Wyrm /10
Lava DragonLava Dragon R Dragon /10
Jurrac SpinosJurrac Spinos R Dinosaur /10
Jurrac ProtopsJurrac Protops R Dinosaur /10
Jigen BakudanJigen Bakudan R Pyro /10
HorusHorus' Servant R Beast-Warrior /10
Hazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame Sphynx R Beast-Warrior /10
Giga-Tech WolfGiga-Tech Wolf R Machine /10
GaroozisGaroozis R Beast-Warrior /10
Flame SwordsmanFlame Swordsman R Warrior /10
Fire SorcererFire Sorcerer R Spellcaster /10
Fire PrincessFire Princess R Pyro /10
Evoltile WestloEvoltile Westlo R Reptile /10
Evoltile PleuroEvoltile Pleuro R Reptile /10
Dragonic GuardDragonic Guard R Dragon /10
Darkfire Soldier #2Darkfire Soldier #2 R Pyro /10
Darkfire Soldier #1Darkfire Soldier #1 R Pyro /10
Cyber PhoenixCyber Phoenix R Machine /10
Cyber EsperCyber Esper R Machine /10
Battle FootballerBattle Footballer R Machine /10
Chemicritter Carbo CrabChemicritter Carbo Crab R Aqua /10
Burning BeastBurning Beast R Pyro /10
Blade Garoodia the Cubic BeastBlade Garoodia the Cubic Beast R Beast /10
Aromage BergamotAromage Bergamot R Plant /10
A-Team Trap Disposal UnitA-Team: Trap Disposal Unit R Machine /10
Achacha ChanbaraAchacha Chanbara R Warrior /10
GrenosaurusGrenosaurus R Dinosaur /10
Number 28 Titanic MothNumber 28: Titanic Moth R Insect /10
Currently UnavailableMasked Dragon R Dragon /10
Laval Judgment LordLaval Judgment Lord R Warrior /10
Hazy Flame GriffinHazy Flame Griffin R Winged Beast /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Veil R Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher R Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Counterpunch R Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Switchitter R Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Sparrer R Warrior /10
Infernal Flame VixenInfernal Flame Vixen R Pyro /10
Lavalval IgnisLavalval Ignis R Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner R Warrior /10
Fire TrooperFire Trooper R Warrior /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Currently UnavailableHazy Flame Mantikor N Winged Beast /10
Currently UnavailableHazy Flame Cerbereus N Beast /10
Currently UnavailableThe Six Samurai - Kamon N Warrior /10
Neo-Spacian Flare ScarabNeo-Spacian Flare Scarab N Insect /10
Double ResonatorDouble Resonator N Fiend /10
Strength of ProphecyStrength of Prophecy N Spellcaster /10
Master of the Flaming DragonswordsMaster of the Flaming Dragonswords N Warrior /10
Poki DracoPoki Draco N Dragon /10
Firestorm ProminenceFirestorm Prominence N Reptile /10
Flame OgreFlame Ogre N Fiend /10
Blast AsmodianBlast Asmodian N Fiend /10
Twin-Headed Fire DragonTwin-Headed Fire Dragon N Pyro /10
Little ChimeraLittle Chimera N Beast /10
Fire King Avatar KirinFire King Avatar Kirin N Beast /10
Invasion of FlamesInvasion of Flames N Pyro /10
Arcane ApprenticeArcane Apprentice N Spellcaster /10
Shiranui SmithShiranui Smith N Zombie /10
Shiranui SamuraisagaShiranui Samuraisaga N Zombie /10
Currently UnavailableBlazing Hiita N Spellcaster /10
Flame Spirit IgnisFlame Spirit Ignis N Pyro /10
Evoltile GephyroEvoltile Gephyro N Reptile /10
Evolsaur DarwinoEvolsaur Darwino N Dinosaur /10
Evolsaur PeltaEvolsaur Pelta N Dinosaur /10
Evolsaur VulcanoEvolsaur Vulcano N Dinosaur /10
Shiranui SwordmasterShiranui Swordmaster N Zombie /10
Currently UnavailableTrigon N Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableWoodborg Inpachi N Machine /10
Flame Armor NinjaFlame Armor Ninja N Warrior /10
R-Genex MagmaR-Genex Magma N Pyro /10
Fushi no ToriFushi no Tori N Winged Beast /10
Second BoosterSecond Booster N Machine /10
Stray AsmodianStray Asmodian N Fiend /10
Molten ZombieMolten Zombie N Pyro /10
Lady Assailant of FlamesLady Assailant of Flames N Pyro /10
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 N Dragon /10
Alien MarsAlien Mars N Reptile /10
Infernalqueen ArchfiendInfernalqueen Archfiend N Fiend /10
Currently UnavailableJurrac Iguanon N Dinosaur /10
Currently UnavailableVolcanic Rat N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableVolcanic Blaster N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableAitsu N Fairy /10
Currently UnavailableFlamvell Dragnov N Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableFlame Champion N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableFlame Cerberus N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableNeo Flamvell Hedgehog N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableFlamvell Baby N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableFlamvell Archer N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Wolf N Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Hawk N Beast-Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Coatl N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Forest Sprite N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableSoaring Eagle Above the Searing Land N Winged Beast /10
Currently UnavailableVermillion Sparrow N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Stennon N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableLaval the Greater N Warrior /10
Neo Flamvell GarudaNeo Flamvell Garuda N Pyro /10
Neo Flamvell ShamanNeo Flamvell Shaman N Pyro /10
Nubian GuardNubian Guard N Warrior /10
Ryu-Kishin ClownRyu-Kishin Clown N Machine /10
Blast JugglerBlast Juggler N Machine /10
Laval PhlogisLaval Phlogis N Pyro /10
Laval BlasterLaval Blaster N Warrior /10
Kayenn the Master Magma BlacksmithKayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith N Rock /10
Prominence Molten SwordsmanProminence, Molten Swordsman N Beast-Warrior /10
Laval WarriorLaval Warrior N Warrior /10
Laval MillerLaval Miller N Pyro /10
Robotic KnightRobotic Knight N Machine /10
Genex FurnaceGenex Furnace N Pyro /10
People Running AboutPeople Running About N Pyro /10
Ultimate Obedient FiendUltimate Obedient Fiend N Fiend /10
Charcoal InpachiCharcoal Inpachi N Pyro /10
Guardragon ProminesesGuardragon Promineses N Dragon /10
Jurrac PteraJurrac Ptera N Dinosaur /10
Jurrac HerraJurrac Herra N Dinosaur /10
Hand of the Six SamuraiHand of the Six Samurai N Warrior /10
Evoltile CasinerioEvoltile Casinerio N Reptile /10
Jurrac DinoJurrac Dino N Dinosaur /10
Jurrac MonolophJurrac Monoloph N Dinosaur /10
Secret Six Samurai - GenbaSecret Six Samurai - Genba N Warrior /10
Nitro SynchronNitro Synchron N Machine /10
Charubin the Fire KnightCharubin the Fire Knight N Pyro /10
Jurrac VelphitoJurrac Velphito N Dinosaur /10
Rogue of EndymionRogue of Endymion N Spellcaster /10
Master Craftsman GamilMaster Craftsman Gamil N Pyro /10
Boost WarriorBoost Warrior N Warrior /10
MassivemorphElementsaber Malo N Warrior /10
Chosen by the World ChaliceChosen by the World Chalice N Psychic /10
Jurrac GallimJurrac Gallim N Dinosaur /10
Flamvell MagicianFlamvell Magician N Spellcaster /10
Megistric MaginicianMegistric Maginician N Spellcaster /10
FirebirdFirebird N Winged Beast /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Valafar N Fiend /10
AbakiAbaki N Fiend /10
Burning AlgaeBurning Algae N Pyro /10
Bravo Fighter Fur HireBravo, Fighter Fur Hire N Reptile /10
YamadronYamadron N Dragon /10
DokuroyaibaDokuroyaiba N Fiend /10
Evotile OdontoEvotile Odonto N Reptile /10
Evolsaur TeriasEvolsaur Terias N Dinosaur /10
Tyhone #2Tyhone #2 N Dragon /10
Fire EyeFire Eye N Pyro /10
Chrysalis LarvaChrysalis Larva N Insect /10
Infernal IncineratorInfernal Incinerator N Fiend /10
Gadget SoldierGadget Soldier N Machine /10
Hinotama SoulHinotama Soul N Pyro /10
Elemental HERO BurstinatrixElemental HERO Burstinatrix N Warrior /10
King PyronKing Pyron N Pyro /10
Launcher SpiderLauncher Spider N Machine /10
Wings of Wicked FlameWings of Wicked Flame N Pyro /10
Flame ManipulatorFlame Manipulator N Spellcaster /10
FireyarouFireyarou N Pyro /10
Red DustonRed Duston N Fiend /10
Flame DancerFlame Dancer N Pyro /10
Achacha ArcherAchacha Archer N Warrior /10
Flamvell CommandoFlamvell Commando N Pyro /10
Flamvell FiendFlamvell Fiend N Fiend /10
Hazy Flame HydraHazy Flame Hydra N Dinosaur /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Shadow N Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Big Bandage N Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Rib Gardna N Warrior /10
BattlinBattlin' Boxer Glassjaw N Warrior /10

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