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This is a list of all Level 8 monsters for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a Level 8 monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

List of Level 8 Monsters


Card Rarity Type Rating
Elemental HERO InfernoElemental HERO Inferno R Pyro 7 /10
Fire King High Avatar GarunixFire King High Avatar Garunix UR Winged Beast 9 /10
Tyrant DragonTyrant Dragon UR Dragon 7 /10
Sacred Phoenix of NephthysSacred Phoenix of Nephthys UR Winged Beast 7 /10
Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault ModeDoomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode R Zombie 6 /10
Shiranui ShogunsagaShiranui Shogunsaga R Zombie 9 /10
Geomathmech MagmaGeomathmech Magma SR Cyberse 6 /10
Meteor B. DragonMeteor B. Dragon UR Dragon 6 /10
Bonfire ColossusBonfire Colossus R Beast-Warrior 2 /10
Hino-Kagu-TsuchiHino-Kagu-Tsuchi SR Pyro 5 /10
Phoenix GearfriedPhoenix Gearfried UR Warrior 3 /10
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 UR Dragon 6 /10
Volcanic DoomfireVolcanic Doomfire UR Pyro 7 /10
Thermal GenexThermal Genex R Machine 7 /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - KirinBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Kirin R Beast-Warrior 6 /10
Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of NephthysCerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys UR Winged Beast 7 /10
Gladiator Beast HeraklinosGladiator Beast Heraklinos UR Beast-Warrior 7 /10
Elemental HERO Nova MasterElemental HERO Nova Master UR Warrior 7 /10
Black BrutdragoBlack Brutdrago SR Dragon 5 /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Valafar N Fiend 7 /10
Marina Princess of SunflowersMarina, Princess of Sunflowers SR Plant 9 /10
Pyrotech Mech - ShiryuPyrotech Mech - Shiryu SR Pyro 8 /10
Lava GolemLava Golem UR Fiend 10 /10
Pyrorex the Elemental LordPyrorex the Elemental Lord UR Dinosaur 9 /10
Thestalos the Mega MonarchThestalos the Mega Monarch UR Pyro 9 /10
Skull FlameSkull Flame UR Zombie 4 /10
The Blazing MarsThe Blazing Mars UR Pyro 5 /10
Blaze Phoenix, The Burning Bombardment BirdBlaze Fenix, The Burning Bombardment Bird R Pyro 6/10
Prometeor, the Burning StarPrometeor, the Burning Star UR Machine 6/10
Vola-Chemicritter MethydracoVola-Chemicritter Methydraco R Beast-Warrior 6/10
Igknight ChampionIgknight Champion N Warrior 7/10
Coach Captain BearmanCoach Captain Bearman SR Beast-Warrior 8/10
Coach King GiantrainerCoach King Giantrainer SR Warrior 7/10
Ignister Prominence, the Burning DracoslayerIgnister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer SR Dragon 8/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Talaya Princess of Cherry BlossomsTalaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms SR Plant 7 /10
Gogiga GagagigoGogiga Gagagigo N Reptile 4 /10
Snowdust DragonSnowdust Dragon R Dragon 5 /10
Ice MasterIce Master R Spellcaster 6 /10
Blizzard PrincessBlizzard Princess SR Spellcaster 5 /10
White Night DragonWhite Night Dragon UR Dragon 7 /10
Spiral SerpentSpiral Serpent N Sea Serpent 3 /10
Crab TurtleCrab Turtle R Aqua 4 /10
General Grunard of the Ice BarrierGeneral Grunard of the Ice Barrier N Warrior 3 /10
D.3.S. FrogD.3.S. Frog R Aqua 3 /10
Evigishki LevianimaEvigishki Levianima UR Aqua 5 /10
Elemental HERO Marine NeosElemental HERO Marine Neos N Warrior 5 /10
Ice QueenIce Queen R Spellcaster 5 /10
Mobius the Mega MonarchMobius the Mega Monarch R Aqua 8 /10
Nekroz of ValkyrusNekroz of Valkyrus R Spellcaster 7 /10
Graydle DragonGraydle Dragon R Aqua 7 /10
Evigishki Soul OgreEvigishki Soul Ogre UR Aqua 8 /10
Poly-Chemicritter HydragonPoly-Chemicritter Hydragon R Dragon 6 /10
Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-DaedalusOcean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus SR Sea Serpent 8 /10
The Tripper MercuryThe Tripper Mercury SR Aqua 9 /10
Water DragonWater Dragon UR Sea Serpent 8 /10
Hyper-Ancient Shark MegalodonHyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon N Fish 6 /10
Kaiser Sea SnakeKaiser Sea Snake R Sea Serpent 9 /10
Mythic Water DragonMythic Water Dragon SR Dragon 3 /10
Snowdrop the Rikka FairySnowdrop the Rikka Fairy UR Plant 9 /10
Number 87 Queen of the NightNumber 87: Queen of the Night SR Plant 8 /10
Hellebore the Rikka FairyHellebore the Rikka Fairy R Plant 9 /10
Dinoster Power, the Mighty DracoslayerDinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer SR Dragon 8/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Dragunity Arma LeyvatenDragunity Arma Leyvaten UR Dragon 6 /10
The AtmosphereThe Atmosphere UR Winged Beast 4 /10
Elemental HERO Great TornadoElemental HERO Great Tornado UR Warrior 8 /10
Dreadscythe HarvesterDreadscythe Harvester N Insect 3 /10
Guardian EatosGuardian Eatos SR Fairy 7 /10
Yellow Dragon NinjaYellow Dragon Ninja SR Dinosaur 7 /10
Cloudian - Eye of The TyphoonCloudian - Eye of The Typhoon UR Aqua 4 /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Maximus R Dragon 6 /10
Stardust DragonStardust Dragon UR Dragon 9 /10
Dragunity Knight - BarchaDragunity Knight - Barcha R Dragon 8 /10
Chevalier de FleurChevalier de Fleur R Warrior 7 /10
Tytannial Princess of CamelliasTytannial, Princess of Camellias SR Plant 9 /10
Battlewasp - Hama the Conquering BowBattlewasp - Hama the Conquering Bow UR Insect 8 /10
Elemental HERO TempestElemental HERO Tempest SR Warrior 8 /10
Windrose the Elemental LordWindrose the Elemental Lord UR Winged Beast 9 /10
Simorgh Bird of AncestrySimorgh, Bird of Ancestry UR Winged Beast 9 /10
Cyber Slash Harpie LadyCyber Slash Harpie Lady UR Winged Beast 9 /10
Flying Fortress SKY FIREFlying Fortress SKY FIRE N Machine 6/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Battleguard KingBattleguard King R Warrior 4 /10
Gilford the LegendGilford the Legend SR Warrior 3 /10
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate PoundAncient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound UR Machine 7 /10
Beast King BarbarosBeast King Barbaros SR Beast-Warrior 5 /10
Machina MegaformMachina Megaform R Machine 7 /10
Doom DozerDoom Dozer SR Insect 4 /10
Exxod Master of The GuardExxod, Master of The Guard R Rock 6 /10
Block DragonBlock Dragon SR Rock 7 /10
Berserkion the Electromagna WarriorBerserkion the Electromagna Warrior UR Rock 9 /10
Megalith PhalegMegalith Phaleg R Rock 9 /10
Megalith BethorMegalith Bethor UR Rock 10 /10
Metal Armored BugMetal Armored Bug N Insect 3 /10
Javelin BeetleJavelin Beetle N Insect 4 /10
Black Luster SoldierBlack Luster Soldier UR Warrior 9 /10
Dark Lucius LV8Dark Lucius LV8 R Fiend 7 /10
Gaia Plate the Earth GiantGaia Plate the Earth Giant UR Rock 3 /10
Elemental HERO Terra FirmaElemental HERO Terra Firma UR Warrior 7 /10
Elemental HERO WildedgeElemental HERO Wildedge R Warrior 6 /10
Elemental HERO Plasma ViceElemental HERO Plasma Vice UR Warrior 7 /10
Three Thousand NeedlesThree Thousand Needles N Beast 5 /10
Gem-Knight ZirconiaGem-Knight Zirconia R Rock 6 /10
Elemental HERO Wild WingmanElemental HERO Wild Wingman R Warrior 7 /10
Junk DestroyerJunk Destroyer UR Warrior 7 /10
U.A. PlaymakerU.A. Playmaker N Warrior 6 /10
Subterror Behemoth PhospheroglacierSubterror Behemoth Phospheroglacier N Aqua 6 /10
Super-Ancient DinobeastSuper-Ancient Dinobeast R Dinosaur 4 /10
Invoked MagellanicaInvoked Magellanica SR Rock 8 /10
Ancient Gear Garjiltron DragonAncient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon R Machine 7 /10
Karakuri Steel Shodun mdl 00X "Bureido"Karakuri Steel Shodun mdl 00X "Bureido" SR Machine 8 /10
Masked Hero DianMasked HERO Dian UR Warrior 10 /10
Scrap DragonScrap Dragon UR Dragon 8/10
Super Armored Robot Armed Black Iron "C"Super Armored Robot Armed Black Iron "C" R Insect 5 /10
Machina CannonMachina Cannon R Machine 5 /10
Perfectly Ultimate Great MothPerfectly Ultimate Great Moth SR Insect 9 /10
Great MothGreat Moth SR Insect 9 /10
Perfect Machine KingPerfect Machine King SR Machine 8 /10
Mosaic ManticoreMosaic Manticore SR Beast 9 /10
ArmoroidArmoroid SR Machine 6 /10
Sauropod BrachionSauropod Brachion SR Dinosaur 8 /10
Toon Ancient Gear GolemToon Ancient Gear Golem SR Machine 8 /10
Valkyrion the Magna WarriorValkyrion the Magna Warrior UR Rock 8 /10
Ancient Gear GolemAncient Gear Golem UR Machine 10 /10
Master GigMaster Gig UR Psychic 8 /10
Super Vehicroid Jumbo DrillSuper Vehicroid Jumbo Drill UR Machine 8/10
Rosaria the Stately Fallen AngelRosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel UR Plant 9/10
Montage DragonMontage Dragon UR Dragon 9 /10
Ultimate TyrannoUltimate Tyranno UR Dinosaur 9 /10
Beast Machine King Barbaros ÜrBeast Machine King Barbaros Ür UR Beast-Warrior 9 /10
Granmarg the Mega MonarchGranmarg the Mega Monarch UR Rock 8 /10
Grandsoil the Elemental LordGrandsoil the Elemental Lord UR Beast-Warrior 8 /10
Dododo SwordsmanDododo Swordsman R Warrior 6 /10
Chirubime Princess of Autumn LeavesChirubimé, Princess of Autumn Leaves R Plant 7 /10
Googly-Eyes Drum DragonGoogly-Eyes Drum Dragon R Dragon 8/10
Super Defense Robot ElephanSuper Defense Robot Elephan N Machine 5/10
Evil HERO Wild CycloneEvil HERO Wild Cyclone UR Fiend 8/10
Superheavy Samurai Big BenkeiSuperheavy Samurai Big Benkei UR Machine 7/10
Evil HERO Dark GaiaEvil HERO Dark Gaia SR Fiend 8/10
Black Luster Soldier - Super SoldierBlack Luster Soldier - Super Soldier UR Warrior 9/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Dragon Spirit of WhiteDragon Spirit of White SR Dragon 7 /10
Blue-Eyes Solid DragonBlue-Eyes Solid Dragon UR Dragon 7 /10
Felgrand DragonFelgrand Dragon SR Dragon 5 /10
Masked HERO KogaMasked HERO Koga UR Warrior 9 /10
Super Conductor TyrannoSuper Conductor Tyranno SR Dinosaur 5 /10
Worm KingWorm King R Reptile 6 /10
Mirage KnightMirage Knight SR Warrior 6 /10
Silent Magician LV8Silent Magician LV8 UR Spellcaster 7 /10
Legendary Knight HermosLegendary Knight Hermos R Warrior 6 /10
Legendary Knight CritiasLegendary Knight Critias R Warrior 7 /10
Legendary Knight TimaeusLegendary Knight Timaeus R Warrior 6 /10
Tyrant Burst DragonTyrant Burst Dragon R Dragon 7 /10
Vylon EpsilonVylon Epsilon SR Fairy 5 /10
Elemental HERO the ShiningElemental HERO the Shining UR Warrior 7 /10
Worm QueenWorm Queen R Reptile 5 /10
Mozarta the Melodious MaestraMozarta the Melodious Maestra R Fairy 5 /10
Valkyrie ErdaValkyrie Erda R Fairy 7 /10
Sky Scourge EnriseSky Scourge Enrise UR Fairy 6 /10
Buster Blader The Dragon Destroyer SwordsmanBuster Blader, The Dragon Destroyer Swordsman UR Warrior 9 /10
The CreatorThe Creator UR Thunder 6 /10
Shinato King of a Higher PlaneShinato, King of a Higher Plane UR Fairy 6 /10
XYZ-Dragon CannonXYZ-Dragon Cannon UR Machine 7 /10
Superalloy Beast RaptinusSuperalloy Beast Raptinus SR Dragon 7 /10
The Despair UranusThe Despair Uranus R Rock 5 /10
Phantom DragonPhantom Dragon N Dragon 2 /10
Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon OverlordHieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord N Dragon 2 /10
Fabled DianairaFabled Dianaira R Fiend 7 /10
Armed Protector DragonArmed Protector Dragon R Dragon 4 /10
Hieratic Dragon of SutekhHieratic Dragon of Sutekh R Dragon 6 /10
Batteryman Industrial StrengthBatteryman Industrial Strength UR Thunder 7 /10
Fabled ValkyrusFabled Valkyrus R Fiend 6 /10
Ryu OkamiRyu Okami N Wyrm 7 /10
Metaphys Tyrant DragonMetaphys Tyrant Dragon R Wyrm 6 /10
Metaphys NephthysMetaphys Nephthys R Wyrm 7 /10
Road WarriorRoad Warrior UR Warrior 10 /10
Majestic Mech - GoryuMajestic Mech - Goryu N Fairy 8 /10
Cyber Twin DragonCyber Twin Dragon UR Machine 9 /10
Master HyperionMaster Hyperion UR Fairy 9 /10
Light End DragonLight End Dragon N Dragon 5 /10
Angel of ZeraAngel of Zera UR Fairy 8 /10
Stardust Spark DragonStardust Spark Dragon UR Dragon 9 /10
Judgment The Dragon of HeavenJudgment, The Dragon of Heaven R Dragon 7 /10
Judgment DragonJudgment Dragon UR Dragon 8 /10
High Priestess of ProphecyHigh Priestess of Prophecy UR Spellcaster 8 /10
Witchcrafter Madame VerreWitchcrafter Madame Verre UR Spellcaster 6 /10
Helios Trice MegistusHelios Trice Megistus N Pyro 6 /10
Ruin Queen of OblivionRuin, Queen of Oblivion UR Fairy 8 /10
RabidragonRabidragon N Dragon 2 /10
Lightray GearfriedLightray Gearfried R Warrior 4 /10
Blue-Eyes Toon DragonBlue-Eyes Toon Dragon SR Dragon 6 /10
Gilford the LightningGilford the Lightning SR Warrior 4 /10
Cyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel Dakini SR Fairy 8 /10
Elemental HERO Shining Flare WingmanElemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman SR Warrior 7 /10
Chaos GoddessChaos Goddess SR Fairy 8 /10
Splendid VenusSplendid Venus SR Fairy 8 /10
Guardian of OrderGuardian of Order SR Warrior 6 /10
Sun Dragon IntiSun Dragon Inti SR Dragon 6 /10
Archlord ZeratoArchlord Zerato SR Fairy 9 /10
Blue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White Dragon UR Dragon 10 /10
Black Luster Soldier - Sacred SoldierBlack Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier UR Warrior 9 /10
Vennu Bright Bird of DivinityVennu, Bright Bird of Divinity UR Fairy 9 /10
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult CannonVWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon UR Machine 9 /10
Voltanis the AdjudicatorVoltanis the Adjudicator UR Fairy 9 /10
Avenging Knight ParshathAvenging Knight Parshath UR Fairy 8 /10
Plasma Warrior EitomPlasma Warrior Eitom UR Thunder 9 /10
Cyber Angel IzanaCyber Angel Izana UR Fairy 9 /10
Phosphorage the Elemental LordPhosphorage the Elemental Lord SR Fairy 9 /10
Parsec the Interstellar DragonParsec, the Interstellar Dragon R Dragon 6 /10
Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of HeliopolisHieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis UR Dragon 9 /10
Blue-Eyes Alternative White DragonBlue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon UR Dragon 8 /10
Number 46 DragluonNumber 46: Dragluon SR Dragon 7 /10
Photon CaesarPhoton Caesar N Warrior 5 /10
Galaxy-Eyes Photon DragonGalaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon UR Dragon 8 /10
Satellite Laser BalsamSatellite Laser Balsam UR Machine 7 /10
Morpheus, the Dream Mirror White KnightMorpheus, the Dream Mirror White Knight R Warrior 8 /10
Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon DragonNeo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon UR Dragon 9 /10
Soul Drain DragonSoul Drain Dragon N Dragon 6/10
Odd-Eyes Lancer DragonOdd-Eyes Lancer Dragon UR Dragon 7/10
Thunder End DragonThunder End Dragon UR Dragon 9/10
Reshef the Dark BeingReshef the Dark Being SR Fiend 7/10
Baxia, Brightness of the Yang ZingBaxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing UR Wyrm 8/10
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the BeginningBlack Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning UR Warrior 9/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Vision HERO TrinityVision HERO Trinity R Warrior 9 /10
Destiny HERO - DogmaDestiny HERO - Dogma SR Warrior 6 /10
Desperado Barrel DragonDesperado Barrel Dragon UR Machine 10/10
Dark CavalryDark Cavalry UR Spellcaster 8 /10
Magician of Black ChaosMagician of Black Chaos R Spellcaster 5 /10
Gatling DragonGatling Dragon R Machine 7 /10
Vennominon the King of Poisonous SnakesVennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes N Reptile 3 /10
Revendread ExecutorRevendread Executor R Zombie 7 /10
Dark Magician of ChaosDark Magician of Chaos UR Spellcaster 7 /10
Cosmo QueenCosmo Queen N Spellcaster 3 /10
Ally of Justice Light GazerAlly of Justice Light Gazer R Machine 5 /10
Elemental HERO EscuridaoElemental HERO Escuridao SR Warrior 6 /10
Guardian DreadscytheGuardian Dreadscythe N Fiend 6 /10
Amulet DragonAmulet Dragon SR Dragon 7 /10
Thought Ruler ArchfiendThought Ruler Archfiend SR Psychic 7 /10
Dragonecro Nethersoul DragonDragonecro Nethersoul Dragon UR Dragon 7 /10
Darklord SuperbiaDarklord Superbia SR Fairy 7 /10
Dual AssembwurmDual Assembwurm R Cyberse 3 /10
Twilight Ninja Getsuga the ShogunTwilight Ninja Getsuga, the Shogun R Warrior 6 /10
Zera the MantZera the Mant R Fiend 5 /10
Vampire GenesisVampire Genesis R Zombie 5 /10
Dark PaladinDark Paladin UR Spellcaster 8 /10
Darkstorm DragonDarkstorm Dragon SR Dragon 6 /10
Evil Dragon AnantaEvil Dragon Ananta UR Reptile 4 /10
Imprisoned Queen ArchfiendImprisoned Queen Archfiend R Fiend 3 /10
Archfiend Emperor the First Lord of HorrorArchfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror UR Fiend 4 /10
Dark NephthysDark Nephthys SR Winged Beast 4 /10
Red Dragon ArchfiendRed Dragon Archfiend UR Dragon 6 /10
Ally of Justice Thunder ArmorAlly of Justice Thunder Armor N Machine 4 /10
The Grand JupiterThe Grand Jupiter R Warrior 6 /10
Ally of Justice Cosmic GatewayAlly of Justice Cosmic Gateway R Machine 5 /10
Gladiator Beast NerokiusGladiator Beast Nerokius SR Winged Beast 5 /10
Berserk DragonBerserk Dragon UR Zombie 6 /10
Belial - Marquis of DarknessBelial - Marquis of Darkness R Fiend 5 /10
Steelswarm CaucastagSteelswarm Caucastag R Fiend 6 /10
The Dark CreatorThe Dark Creator UR Thunder 4 /10
Masked HERO AnkiMasked HERO Anki UR Warrior 9 /10
Vision HERO Witch RaiderVision HERO Witch Raider UR Warrior 7 /10
Genex Ally AxelGenex Ally Axel R Machine 5 /10
Blackwing - Silverwind the AscendantBlackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant R Winged Beast 7 /10
Dark HorusDark Horus UR Dragon 8 /10
Reptilianne VaskiiReptilianne Vaskii UR Reptile 8 /10
Black-Winged DragonBlack-Winged Dragon UR Dragon 8 /10
Flower Cardian Zebra Grass with MoonFlower Cardian Zebra Grass with Moon N Warrior 4 /10
Flower Cardian Zebra GrassFlower Cardian Zebra Grass N Warrior 5 /10
Jormungdr The Nordic SerpentJormungdr The Nordic Serpent N Dragon 6 /10
Sorciere de FleurSorciere de Fleur R Spellcaster 7 /10
Erebus the Underworld MonarchErebus the Underworld Monarch SR Zombie 8 /10
Dark End DragonDark End Dragon SR Dragon 9 /10
Thunder DragonduoThunder Dragonduo SR Thunder 8 /10
Gladiator Beast AugustusGladiator Beast Augustus N Winged Beast 7 /10
World Legacy - World WandWorld Legacy - "World Wand" N Machine 8 /10
Suppression ColliderSuppression Collider N Cyberse 6 /10
D/D/D Dragonbane King BeowulfD/D/D Dragonbane King Beowulf R Fiend 9 /10
Malefic Blue-Eyes White DragonMalefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon SR Dragon 8 /10
Malefic Stardust DragonMalefic Stardust Dragon UR Dragon 8 /10
Wheel of ProphecyWheel of Prophecy N Spellcaster 8 /10
Predaplant HeliamphorhynchusPredaplant Heliamphorhynchus N Plant 7 /10
Simorgh of DarknessSimorgh of Darkness UR Winged Beast 8 /10
Demise King of ArmageddonDemise, King of Armageddon UR Fiend 9 /10
MetalzoaMetalzoa N Machine 1 /10
Wicked Acolyte Chilam SabakWicked Acolyte Chilam Sabak R Reptile 6 /10
Tri-Horned DragonTri-Horned Dragon R Dragon 6 /10
Red-Eyes Black Metal DragonRed-Eyes Black Metal Dragon R Machine 8 /10
Gladiator Beast AndabataGladiator Beast Andabata R Beast-Warrior 6 /10
Dragon Core HexerDragon Core Hexer R Dragon 6 /10
Dark VoltanisDark Voltanis SR Fairy 7 /10
Invader of DarknessInvader of Darkness SR Fiend 5 /10
VanVan'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord SR Dragon 10 /10
Archfiend EmpressArchfiend Empress SR Fiend 9 /10
Masked Beast Des GardiusMasked Beast Des Gardius SR Fiend 9 /10
Poly-Chemicritter DioxogrePoly-Chemicritter Dioxogre SR Fiend 7/10
Despair from the DarkDespair from the Dark SR Zombie 9 /10
The Masked BeastThe Masked Beast SR Fiend 7 /10
GravekeeperGravekeeper's Visionary SR Spellcaster 9 /10
Jinzo - LordJinzo - Lord SR Machine 5 /10
Legendary Maju GarzettLegendary Maju Garzett SR Fiend 9 /10
Vision HERO AdorationVision HERO Adoration SR Warrior 9 /10
Punishment DragonPunishment Dragon SR Dragon 8 /10
Gandora the Dragon of DestructionGandora the Dragon of Destruction UR Dragon 8 /10
Dark NecrofearDark Necrofear UR Fiend 7 /10
Destiny HERO - PlasmaDestiny HERO - Plasma UR Warrior 10 /10
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening TwilightBlack Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight UR Warrior 8 /10
Fiendish Engine ΩFiendish Engine Ω UR Machine 7 /10
Cyberdark DragonCyberdark Dragon UR Machine 8 /10
Dark Master - ZorcDark Master - Zorc UR Fiend 8 /10
Umbramirage the Elemental LordUmbramirage the Elemental Lord UR Fiend 8 /10
Hundred Eyes DragonHundred Eyes Dragon UR Dragon 9 /10
Chaos Dragon LevianeerChaos Dragon Levianeer UR Dragon 10/10
Infernity Doom DragonInfernity Doom Dragon UR Dragon 9 /10
Schwarzschild Limit DragonSchwarzschild Limit Dragon R Dragon 4 /10
Number 68 Sanaphond the Sky PrisonNumber 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison R Rock 5 /10
Gimmick Puppet Egg HeadGimmick Puppet Magnet Doll SR Machine 8 /10
Morpheus, the Dream Mirror Black KnightMorpheus, the Dream Mirror Black Knight R Warrior 8/10
Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark WorldGrapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World UR Fiend 8 /10
Bird of Paradise LostBird of Paradise Lost R Wyrm 6/10
Soldier Gaia the Fierce KnightSoldier Gaia the Fierce Knight UR Warrior 5/10
Gimmick Puppet Twilight JokerGimmick Puppet Twilight Joker UR Machine 7/10
Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant GrinderNumber 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder UR Machine 8/10
Number 22: ZombiesteinNumber 22: Zombiestein UR Zombie 9/10
Gimmick Puppet Bisque DollGimmick Puppet Bisque Doll SR Machine 7/10
Gimmick Puppet Dreary DollGimmick Puppet Dreary Doll SR Machine 7/10
The Big SaturnThe Big Saturn R Machine 7/10
Dark FlattopDark Flattop N Machine 5/10
Gimmick Puppet NightmareGimmick Puppet Nightmare SR Machine 6/10
Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of StringsNumber 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings UR Machine 7/10
Blood MefistBlood Mefist UR Fiend 6/10
Evil HERO Malicious FiendEvil HERO Malicious Fiend UR Fiend 8/10
Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of LeoNumber 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo UR Machine 9/10
Hot Red Dragon ArchfiendHot Red Dragon Archfiend UR Dragon 8/10
Blackfeather Darkrage DragonBlackfeather Darkrage Dragon SR Dragon 8/10
Odd-Eyes Advance DragonOdd-Eyes Advance Dragon UR Dragon 7/10
D/D/D Doom King ArmageddonD/D/D Doom King Armageddon UR Fiend 7/10
Beast-Eyes Pendulum DragonBeast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon UR Dragon 8/10
Rune-Eyes Pendulum DragonRune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon SR Dragon 8/10
Destiny HERO - DreadmasterDestiny HERO - Dreadmaster SR Warrior 7/10
Performapal GatlinghoulPerformapal Gatlinghoul R Fiend 8/10
Abyss Actor - Evil HeelAbyss Actor - Evil Heel R Fiend 8/10
Buster DragonBuster Dragon SR Dragon 10/10


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