List of All Level 7 Monsters | Duel Links

This is a list of all Level 7 monsters for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a Level 7 monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

This is a list of all Level 7 monsters for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a Level 7 monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

List of Level 7 Monsters


Card Rarity Type Rating
Darkblaze DragonDarkblaze Dragon R Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableGreat Shogun Shien UR Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Flare NeosElemental HERO Flare Neos R Warrior /10
Firestorm ProminenceFirestorm Prominence N Reptile /10
Flame OgreFlame Ogre N Fiend /10
Shiranui SquiresagaShiranui Squiresaga UR Zombie /10
Yamata DragonYamata Dragon SR Dragon /10
Dragonic KnightDragonic Knight R Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableLaval Stennon N Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableAncient Flamvell Deity R Pyro /10
Black Rose DragonBlack Rose Dragon UR Dragon /10
Jurrac GiganotoJurrac Giganoto R Dinosaur /10
Nitro WarriorNitro Warrior SR Warrior /10
Invoked PurgatrioInvoked Purgatrio UR Fiend /10
Degrade BusterDegrade Buster UR Cyberse /10
Launcher SpiderLauncher Spider N Machine /10
Manga Ryu-RanManga Ryu-Ran R Dragon /10
Jurrac SpinosJurrac Spinos R Dinosaur /10
Legendary Flame LordLegendary Flame Lord SR Spellcaster /10
Jurrac TyrannusJurrac Tyrannus SR Dinosaur /10
Number 28 Titanic MothNumber 28: Titanic Moth R Insect /10
Laval Judgment LordLaval Judgment Lord R Warrior /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Wiz Sage Fur HireWiz, Sage Fur Hire R Spellcaster /10
Silent AbyssSilent Abyss N Reptile /10
SuijinSuijin R Aqua /10
Levia-Dragon - DaedalusLevia-Dragon - Daedalus UR Sea Serpent /10
Currently UnavailableFortress Whale N Fish /10
General Gantala of the Ice BarrierGeneral Gantala of the Ice Barrier SR Warrior /10
Citadel WhaleCitadel Whale SR Whale /10
Elemental HERO Aqua NeosElemental HERO Aqua Neos R Warrior /10
Metallizing Parasite - SoltiteMetallizing Parasite - Soltite N Aqua /10
Metallizing Parasite - LunatiteMetallizing Parasite - Lunatite N Aqua /10
Mermail AbyssbalaenMermail Abyssbalaen N Aqua /10
Mermail AbyssleedMermail Abyssleed R Sea Serpent /10
Mermail AbyssmegaloMermail Abyssmegalo UR Sea Serpent /10
Poseidra The Atlantean DragonPoseidra, The Atlantean Dragon R Sea Serpent /10
Gungnir Dragon of the Ice BarrierGungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier SR Dragon /10
Mermail AbyssteusMermail Abyssteus UR Aqua /10
Nekroz of GungnirNekroz of Gungnir R Spellcaster /10
White Aura MonocerosWhite Aura Monoceros R Fish /10
Gladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast Vespasius UR Sea Serpent /10
Humanoid Worm DrakeHumanoid Worm Drake R Aqua /10
Medium of the Ice BarrierMedium of the Ice Barrier SR Spellcaster /10
BrinegirBrinegir N Sea Serpent /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Mecha Phantom Beast KalgriffinMecha Phantom Beast Kalgriffin N Machine /10
Mecha Phantom Beast ConcorudaMecha Phantom Beast Concoruda R Machine /10
KazejinKazejin R Spellcaster /10
Ultimate Insect LV7Ultimate Insect LV7 SR Insect /10
Mist Valley Thunder LordMist Valley Thunder Lord R Thunder /10
Tengu the Winged MayakashiTengu, the Winged Mayakashi R Zombie /10
Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon ChampionSky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion SR Dragon /10
Windmill GenexWindmill Genex R Machine /10
Daigusto EgulsDaigusto Eguls R Psychic /10
Dragunity Knight - TridentDragunity Knight - Trident R Dragon /10
D/D/D Gust King AlexanderD/D/D Gust King Alexander R Fiend /10
Destruction CycloneDestruction Cyclone N Reptile /10
Simorgh Bird of DivinitySimorgh, Bird of Divinity R Winged Beast /10
Thousand DragonThousand Dragon R Dragon /10
Armed Dragon LV7Armed Dragon LV7 R Dragon /10
HarpieHarpie's Pet Dragon SR Dragon /10
Gaia the Dragon ChampionGaia the Dragon Champion SR Dragon /10
Storm ShooterStorm Shooter SR Winged Beast /10
Junk BerserkerJunk Berserker UR Warrior /10
Gaia Dragon the Thunder ChargerGaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger SR Dragon /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Currently UnavailableMegarock Dragon SR Rock /10
Currently UnavailableYellow Baboon, Archer of the Forest UR Beast /10
Currently UnavailableGreen Baboon, Defender of the Forest UR Beast /10
Ancient Gear HydraAncient Gear Hydra R Machine /10
Machina FortressMachina Fortress UR Machine /10
Sword HunterSword Hunter N Warrior /10
King of the BeastsKing of the Beasts R Beast /10
Cyber Ogre 2Cyber Ogre 2 R Machine /10
Alpacaribou Mystical Beast of the ForestAlpacaribou, Mystical Beast of the Forest R Beast /10
Metamorphosed Insect QueenMetamorphosed Insect Queen UR Insect /10
Naturia LandoiseNaturia Landoise SR Rock /10
Power Tool DragonPower Tool Dragon UR Machine /10
Zeman the Ape KingZeman the Ape King N Beast /10
X-Saber UrbellumX-Saber Urbellum N Warrior /10
Lord Gaia the Fierce KnightLord Gaia the Fierce Knight SR Warrior /10
Raging EarthRaging Earth N Reptile /10
Currently UnavailableBlack Tyranno N Dinosaur /10
Currently UnavailableBuster Blader R Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableBuster Blader, The Destruction Swordmaster SR Warrior /10
Super War-LionSuper War-Lion N Beast /10
Puppet KingPuppet King R Warrior /10
Big KoalaBig Koala R Beast /10
Currently UnavailableGem-Knight Citrine R Pyro /10
Currently UnavailableGem-Knight Crystal R Rock /10
Currently UnavailableGem-Knight Prismaura SR Thunder /10
Elemental HERO BladedgeElemental HERO Bladedge SR Warrior /10
U.A. Dreadnought DunkerU.A. Dreadnought Dunker R Warrior /10
Gem-Knight AmethystGem-Knight Amethyst R Aqua /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Rooklord SR Warrior /10
Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 "Burei"Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 "Burei" UR Machine /10
U.A. Blockbacker U.A. Blockbacker R Warrior /10
Fallen Angel of RosesFallen Angel of Roses R Plant /10
Queen Angel of RosesQueen Angel of Roses R Plant /10
Subterror Behemoth UmastryxSubterror Behemoth Umastryx SR Reptile /10
Samurai DestroyerSamurai Destroyer R Machine /10
Scrap ArchfiendScrap Archfiend SR Fiend /10
Psychic LifetrancerPsychic Lifetrancer R Psychic /10
Superheavy Samurai Stealth NinjaSuperheavy Samurai Stealth Ninja R Machine /10
Junk ArcherJunk Archer SR Warrior /10
X-Saber SouzaX-Saber Souza R Warrior /10
Stone DragonStone Dragon N Rock /10
Toon Buster BladerToon Buster Blader R Warrior /10
Garnecia ElefantisGarnecia Elefantis R Beast-Warrior /10
Gaia The Fierce KnightGaia The Fierce Knight R Warrior /10
Emissary from PandemoniumEmissary from Pandemonium R Fiend /10
Behemoth the King of All AnimalsBehemoth the King of All Animals SR Beast /10
Red OgreRed Ogre SR Zombie /10
Insect QueenInsect Queen UR Insect /10
Cyber BladerCyber Blader UR Warrior /10
Multiple Piece GolemMultiple Piece Golem UR Rock /10
Currently UnavailableSeven Swords Warrior UR Warrior /10
Masked Knight LV7Masked Knight LV7 SR Warrior /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Currently UnavailableWatthydra R Thunder /10
Arkbrave DragonArkbrave Dragon SR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableGearfried the Swordmaster SR Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Brave NeosElemental HERO Brave Neos UR Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableElemental HERO Neos Knight R Warrior /10
Worm VictoryWorm Victory R Reptile /10
Sanga of the ThunderSanga of the Thunder R Thunder /10
Ancient Fairy DragonAncient Fairy Dragon UR Dragon /10
Arcanite MagicianArcanite Magician UR Spellcaster /10
Vylon SigmaVylon Sigma R Fairy /10
Shopina the Melodious MaestraShopina the Melodious Maestra N Fairy /10
White Dragon NinjaWhite Dragon Ninja R Dragon /10
Bloom Prima the Melodious ChoirBloom Prima the Melodious Choir R Fairy /10
Valkyrie BrunhildeValkyrie Brunhilde UR Fairy /10
Currently UnavailableSkull Guardian N Warrior /10
Radiant SpiritRadiant Spirit N Reptile /10
Divine Grace - NorthwemkoDivine Grace - Northwemko UR Spellcaster /10
Angel O7Angel O7 R Fairy /10
Currently UnavailableAncient Crimson Ape R Beast /10
Cyber DinosaurCyber Dinosaur R Machine /10
Cosmic Horror GangiCosmic Horror Gangi'el N Reptile /10
Gladiator Beast OctaviusGladiator Beast Octavius N Winged Beast /10
Elemental HERO Glow NeosElemental HERO Glow Neos N Warrior /10
Silent Swordsman LV7Silent Swordsman LV7 UR Warrior /10
Hieratic Dragon of AsarHieratic Dragon of Asar R Dragon /10
Photon WyvernPhoton Wyvern SR Dragon /10
Genex SolarGenex Solar R Machine /10
Ancient Sacred WyvernAncient Sacred Wyvern UR Fairy /10
Metaphys Armed DragonMetaphys Armed Dragon N Wyrm /10
Metaphys DeadalusMetaphys Deadalus SR Wyrm /10
Fortune Lady EveryFortune Lady Every SR Spellcaster /10
Palladium Oracle MahadPalladium Oracle Mahad UR Spellcaster /10
PSY-Framelord ZetaPSY-Framelord Zeta R Psychic /10
Michael the Arch-LightswornMichael, the Arch-Lightsworn UR Dragon /10
Odd-Eyes Saber DragonOdd-Eyes Saber Dragon SR Dragon /10
Kaiser DragonKaiser Dragon N Dragon /10
WingweaverWingweaver R Fairy /10
Lightray DiabolosLightray Diabolos R Dragon /10
HyozanryuHyozanryu R Dragon /10
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon SR Thunder /10
Neo-Parshath the Sky PaladinNeo-Parshath the Sky Paladin SR Fairy /10
White Night QueenWhite Night Queen SR Fairy /10
Emes the InfinityEmes the Infinity SR Machine /10
Cyber Laser DragonCyber Laser Dragon SR Machine /10
Vylon DeltaVylon Delta SR Fairy /10
Charging Gaia the Fierce KnightCharging Gaia the Fierce Knight SR Warrior /10
Arcana Force XVIII - The MoonArcana Force XVIII - The Moon SR Fairy /10
Mystical Knight of JackalMystical Knight of Jackal SR Beast-Warrior /10
AthenaAthena SR Fairy /10
Guardian Angel JoanGuardian Angel Joan UR Fairy /10
Elemental HERO NeosElemental HERO Neos UR Warrior /10
Lightning WarriorLightning Warrior UR Warrior /10
Mekk-Knight Yellow StarMekk-Knight Yellow Star UR Psychic /10
Currently UnavailableDigital Bug Rhinosebus R Insect /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Cosmo BrainCosmo Brain R Spellcaster /10
Red-Eyes Toon DragonRed-Eyes Toon Dragon R Dragon /10
Arisen Gaia the Fierce KnightArisen Gaia the Fierce Knight SR Warrior /10
Magician of ChaosMagician of Chaos UR Spellcaster /10
Currently UnavailableElemental HERO Dark Neos R Warrior /10
Vendread BattlelordVendread Battlelord R Zombie /10
Red-Eyes Zombie Necro DragonRed-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon SR Zombie /10
Red-Eyes Slash DragonRed-Eyes Slash Dragon UR Dragon /10
Greed QuasarGreed Quasar N Fiend /10
Vampire VampVampire Vamp R Zombie /10
Red-Eyes Black Dragon SwordRed-Eyes Black Dragon Sword N Dragon /10
Steelswarm GirastagSteelswarm Girastag R Fiend /10
Darklord NastenDarklord Nasten R Fairy /10
Power Tool Mecha DragonPower Tool Mecha Dragon SR Machine /10
Genex Ally TriforceGenex Ally Triforce R Machine /10
Exploder DragonwingExploder Dragonwing SR Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableBickuribox R Fiend /10
Umbral SoulUmbral Soul N Reptile /10
Garlandolf King of DestructionGarlandolf, King of Destruction UR Fiend /10
Garma SwordGarma Sword N Warrior /10
ChakraChakra N Fiend /10
Currently UnavailableEndymion, The Master Magician SR Spellcaster /10
Currently UnavailableRed-Eyes Zombie Dragon SR Zombie /10
Brain CrusherBrain Crusher N Insect /10
Zeta ReticulantZeta Reticulant R Fairy /10
Maju GarzettMaju Garzett R Fiend /10
Fushioh RichieFushioh Richie R Zombie /10
Hundred-Footed HorrorHundred-Footed Horror R Insect /10
Currently UnavailableReign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World R Fiend /10
Chaos King ArchfiendChaos King Archfiend UR Fiend /10
Lightning PunisherLightning Punisher N Thunder /10
Allure Queen LV7Allure Queen LV7 R Spellcaster /10
Diabolos King of the AbyssDiabolos, King of the Abyss R Dragon /10
Preditious PuppeteerPreditious Puppeteer N Fiend /10
Blackwing - Abrolhos the MegaquakeBlackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake N Winged Beast /10
Gladiator Beast GaiodiazGladiator Beast Gaiodiaz R Dinosaur /10
Flower Cardian Clover with BoarFlower Cardian Clover with Boar R Warrior /10
World Legacy - "World Armor"World Legacy - "World Armor" UR Machine /10
GravekeeperGravekeeper's Supernaturalist R Spellcaster /10
Pandemic DragonPandemic Dragon N Dragon /10
Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain SprinklingAssault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling R Warrior /10
Give and TakeAssault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower R Warrior /10
Blackwing Tamer - Obsidian Hawk JoeBlackwing Tamer - Obsidian Hawk Joe R Warrior /10
Lunalight Cat DancerLunalight Cat Dancer R Beast-Warrior /10
D/D Vice TyphonD/D Vice Typhon R Fiend /10
D/D/D Dragon King PendragonD/D/D Dragon King Pendragon R Dragon /10
D/D/D Oracle King DD/D/D Oracle King D'Arc R Fiend /10
Ancient Pixie DragonAncient Pixie Dragon UR Dragon /10
Predaplant ChimerafflesiaPredaplant Chimerafflesia UR Plant /10
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon KnightDark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight UR Dragon /10
Odd-Eyes DragonOdd-Eyes Dragon R Dragon /10
MikazukinoyaibaMikazukinoyaiba N Dragon /10
ZoaZoa N Fiend /10
Dark Magician KnightDark Magician Knight N Warrior /10
Slot MachineSlot Machine N Machine /10
Wall ShadowWall Shadow R Warrior /10
Skull KnightSkull Knight R Spellcaster /10
Labyrinth TankLabyrinth Tank R Machine /10
Serpent Night DragonSerpent Night Dragon SR Dragon /10
Swift Gaia the Fierce KnightSwift Gaia the Fierce Knight SR Warrior /10
Dark Eradicator WarlockDark Eradicator Warlock SR Spellcaster /10
Toon Barrel DragonToon Barrel Dragon SR Machine /10
Overtex QoatlusOvertex Qoatlus SR Dinosaur /10
Regenerating RoseRegenerating Rose SR Plant /10
Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode BeastFusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast SR Machine /10
Infernity GeneralInfernity General SR Fiend /10
Red-Eyes Black DragonRed-Eyes Black Dragon UR Dragon /10
Dark MagicianDark Magician UR Spellcaster /10
Barrel DragonBarrel Dragon UR Machine /10
Chaos HunterChaos Hunter UR Fiend /10
Phantom Beast Rock-LizardPhantom Beast Rock-Lizard UR Beast-Warrior /10
King DragunKing Dragun UR Dragon /10
Magician of Dark IllusionMagician of Dark Illusion UR Spellcaster /10
Illusory SnatcherIllusory Snatcher UR Fiend /10
Toon Dark MagicianToon Dark Magician UR Spellcaster /10
Malefic Red-Eyes Black DragonMalefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon UR Dragon /10
Darkness DestroyerDarkness Destroyer UR Fiend /10


There are no Divine Monsters.

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