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This page contains a list of all Ritual Monsters in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about all the Ritual Monsters and their different types!

List of Ritual Monsters


Card Rarity Type Rating
Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of NephthysCerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys UR Winged Beast 7 /10
Legendary Flame LordLegendary Flame Lord SR Spellcaster 4 /10
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - ElandBrotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eland SR Beast-Warrior 7 /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Fortress WhaleFortress Whale N Fish 4 /10
Crab TurtleCrab Turtle R Aqua 4 /10
Gishki PsycheloneGishki Psychelone R Fiend 4 /10
Evigishki Mind AugusEvigishki Mind Augus SR Aqua 6 /10
Evigishki LevianimaEvigishki Levianima UR Aqua 5 /10
Evigishki TetrogreEvigishki Tetrogre R Aqua 6 /10
Nekroz of GungnirNekroz of Gungnir R Spellcaster 7 /10
Nekroz of Decisive ArmorNekroz of Decisive Armor R Dragon 6 /10
Nekroz of CatastorNekroz of Catastor R Dragon 8 /10
Nekroz of ValkyrusNekroz of Valkyrus R Spellcaster 7 /10
Evigishki Soul OgreEvigishki Soul Ogre UR Aqua 8 /10
Nekroz of BrionacNekroz of Brionac UR Warrior 9/10
Gishki ZielgigasGishki Zielgigas SR Aqua 9/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Devotee of NephthysDevotee of Nephthys SR Spellcaster 6 /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Megalith PhalegMegalith Phaleg R Rock 9 /10
Megalith OchMegalith Och R Rock 8 /10
Megalith HagithMegalith Hagith SR Rock 8 /10
Megalith OphielMegalith Ophiel SR Rock 9 /10
Megalith BethorMegalith Bethor UR Rock 10 /10
LycanthropeLycanthrope R Beast-Warrior 4 /10
Javelin BeetleJavelin Beetle N Insect 4 /10
Super War-LionSuper War-Lion N Beast 5 /10
Black Luster SoldierBlack Luster Soldier UR Warrior 9 /10
Performance of SwordPerformance of Sword R Warrior 7 /10
Black Luster Soldier - Super SoldierBlack Luster Soldier - Super Soldier UR Warrior 9/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Skull GuardianSkull Guardian N Warrior 5 /10
Cú Chulainn the AwakenedCú Chulainn the Awakened R Warrior 3 /10
Elemental Mistress DoriadoElemental Mistress Doriado R Spellcaster 3 /10
Paladin of White DragonPaladin of White Dragon SR Dragon 5 /10
Divine Grace - NorthwemkoDivine Grace - Northwemko UR Spellcaster 6 /10
Shinato King of a Higher PlaneShinato, King of a Higher Plane UR Fairy 6 /10
Saffira Queen of DragonsSaffira, Queen of Dragons UR Dragon 6 /10
Paladin of Storm DragonPaladin of Storm Dragon R Cyberse 7 /10
Ruin Angel of OblivionRuin, Angel of Oblivion R Fairy 8 /10
Ruin Queen of OblivionRuin, Queen of Oblivion UR Fairy 8 /10
Cyber Angel IdatenCyber Angel Idaten R Fairy 7 /10
Cyber Angel BentenCyber Angel Benten R Fairy 4 /10
Cyber Angel DakiniCyber Angel Dakini SR Fairy 8 /10
Vennu Bright Bird of DivinityVennu, Bright Bird of Divinity UR Fairy 9 /10
Cyber Angel IzanaCyber Angel Izana UR Fairy 9 /10
Paladin of Photon DragonPaladin of Photon Dragon R Warrior 4 /10
Reshef the Dark BeingReshef the Dark Being SR Fiend 7/10
Prediction Princess TarotreiPrediction Princess Tarotrei R Effect 7/10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Magician of Black ChaosMagician of Black Chaos R Spellcaster 5 /10
Magician of ChaosMagician of Chaos UR Spellcaster 7 /10
Vendread ChimeraVendread Chimera N Zombie 6 /10
Revendread ExecutorRevendread Executor R Zombie 7 /10
Vendread BattlelordVendread Battlelord R Zombie 6 /10
Revendread SlayerRevendread Slayer UR Zombie 9 /10
Paladin of Dark DragonPaladin of Dark Dragon SR Dragon 6 /10
Garlandolf King of DestructionGarlandolf, King of Destruction UR Fiend 7 /10
Garma SwordGarma Sword N Warrior 5 /10
ChakraChakra N Fiend 4 /10
Zera the MantZera the Mant R Fiend 5 /10
Demise Agent of ArmageddonDemise, Agent of Armageddon R Fiend 8 /10
Demise King of ArmageddonDemise, King of Armageddon UR Fiend 9 /10
DokuroriderDokurorider N Zombie 2 /10
FiendFiend's Mirror N Fiend 1 /10
Hungry BurgerHungry Burger N Warrior 4 /10
The Masked BeastThe Masked Beast SR Fiend 7 /10
RelinquishedRelinquished UR Spellcaster 9 /10
Dark Master - ZorcDark Master - Zorc UR Fiend 8 /10
Malacoda Netherlord of the Burning AbyssMalacoda, Netherlord of the Burning Abyss SR Fiend 6 /10


There are currently no Monster Cards in this category.

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