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This is a page on the list of all available songs and their artists in the game Death Stranding.

List of Soundtrack

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These songs can be played inside the private room by accessing the Music Player in the terminal.

Artist Title
LOWROAR ・Don't Be So Serious
・Anything You Need
・Easy Way Out
・I'm Leaving
・Give Up
・Waiting (10 Years)
・Without You
・Breathe In
・Because We Have To
・St. Eriksplan
・Rolling Over
・Once In A Long, Long While...
・The Machine
・Not Around
・Please Don't Stop (Chapter 1)
・Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
・Please Don't Stop (Chapter 2)
・I'll Keep Coming
SILENT POETS ・Asylums For The Feeling Feat. Leila Adu
・Almost Nothing feat. Okay Kaya
Ludvig Forssell feat. Jenny Plant ・BB's Theme
The Neighbourhood ・Yellow Box
Alan Walker & Au/Ra ・Ghost
Khalid & Major Lazer ・Trigger
The S.L.P. ・Meanwhile... In Genova
Bring Me The Horizon ・Luden
Gen Hoshino ・Pop Virus

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