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This is a page on the Easter eggs and secrets hidden in the game Death Stranding. Additionally, hidden animation and secret interactions can also be located on this page.

Secrets and Easter Eggs

Sam's Secret Animations and Interactions

Peeing Sam

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If you move the camera to see the his private parts while peeing it will trigger a dialogue where sam is angry at you for trying to look.

Drunk Sam

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Drinking too much Monster Energy Drink inside the Private Room will cause sam to get drunk and trigger secret animations.

Staring at Sam's Crotch

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If you try to zoom in to Sam's Crotch while inside the Private Room, you can trigger a secret animation where sam punches the camera.

Sam's Birthday

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You will receive a birthday cake once you enter the private room on your birthday. Leaving the private room will also trigger a cutscene where clifford unger will give you flowers celebrating your birthday. You will also be greeted happy birthday on the mail and by pressing the touchpad while doing deliveries on your birthday.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Watcher and Aloy

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You can see Watcher and Aloy from the game Horizon Zero Dawn beside The Craftsman, The Craftsman character was also inspired by Hermen Hulst who worked on Horizon Zero Dawn.


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A hologram of Tallneck can also be unlocked as an easter egg from Horizon Zero Dawn once you get enough Connection Level from The Craftsman.

Metal Gear Solid Reference

Game Over

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You can see the same font of the word Game Over from the game Metal Gear Solid during the cutscene with Deadman on the background.

Kept you waiting huh? and What took you so long?

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The two popular lines ''Kept you waiting huh?'' and ''What took you so long?'' are both said at the begining of death stranding as reference from the Metal Gear Solid.

Hideo Kojima BT

Easter Eggs - Hideo Kojima.jpg
Hideo Kojima the creator of this game Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid can be seen as a BT on the cutscene at the begining of the game when you are delivering a corpse to the incinerator. He can also be seen inside your private room, if you wait long enough you will sometimes trigger a cutscene where sam is dreaming that he is being pulled down by a Hideo Kojima BT.

Celebrity Cameos

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Several celebrities has appeared as characters on death stranding. For a full list of celebrity cameos click on the link below.
Cast of Celebrity Characters

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