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This page discusses techniques for getting as many Likes as possible in the game Death Stranding. Read on to find out what Likes are, how they help you in the game, and how you can acquire them efficiently.

How to Get Likes from NPCs

Ways to Get Likes
1 Complete Orders
2 Deliver Lost Cargo
3 Other Minor Helpful Actions

1. Complete Orders

Delivery Evaluation
Completing Orders is one of the primary methods for getting Likes in the game. The higher your Porter Grade for the delivery, the more Likes you will receive from the recipient, so completing Orders as effectively as possible is essential to maximizing your Likes.

2. Returning Lost Cargo

Lost Cargo Scan

You can check the Max Likes, Weight, and Dropoff Location for nearby Lost Cargo

Lost Cargo is found across the map which can be returned to its original owner in exchange for Likes. Delivering Lost Cargo is not as difficult as completing Orders themselves, so it's worth picking these up and delivering them on your way. Be sure to check the Max Likes, Weight and Dropoff Location for any Lost Cargo to ensure that delivering it will be worth your while.

Even if you're not able to take a piece of Lost Cargo all the way to its Dropoff Location, you can Entrust it to another porter at any Postbox or Terminal to receive a portion of the Max Likes offered. This can be a quick and esay way to farm Likes without having to go too far out of your way.

Finding Lost Cargo | Death Stranding

3. Other Minor Helpful Actions

When you build a Ladder or Bridge in the game, these will sometimes be used by NPC porters, and they will send you Likes as thanks. Also, you will sometimes receive messages asking for small favors from NPCs, the completion of which will yield Likes. These activities will only yield a small amount of likes, and as they only pop up occasionally, aren't especially reliable for farming Likes, so players can generally ignore these.

How to Get Likes from Other Players

Ways to Get Likes
1 Building Structures

1. Building Useful Structures

Postbox Structure

It's important to leave Likes for other players to show appreciation

When playing online, structures you build will appear in other players' games as well. When you build a structure in a useful spot, other players will show their thanks by sending Likes to you.

Any time you find a difficult spot to cross, consider building a structure there for others to use as well - you just might be rewarded for your generosity.

Note: Must be Online

To receive Likes from other players, you will need to connect to the PlayStation Network to activate online play. When playing offline, you won't be able to earn Likes using this method, and the Bridge Link category of your Porter Grade will not increase.

Differences between Online and Offline Play

Advantages of Getting Likes

Increasing Your Porter Grade

Porter Grade
The Porter Grade is an expression of Sam's abilities as a porter. When Sam completes an Order, the Likes he received during the Order from NPCs and other players, as well as Likes for completing the Order itself, will all be totaled up and lead to an improvement of his Porter Grade in some or all of the five categories. Increasing Sam's Porter Grade will lead to improvements to Sam's abilities as a porter, such as his stamina, his balance, and his weight limit for Cargo, so it can be said that improving Sam's Porter Grade is the most obvious advantage of gaining Likes.

How to Raise Your Porter Grade

Increasing Your Connection Level (NPCs Only)

When receiving Likes from NPCs, your Connection Level will increase accordingly. Increasing your Connection Level has its own advantages, such as expanding the range of the Chiral Network, bringing new members into the UCA, receiving presents, and a variety of other rewards.

How to Increase Your Connection Level | Death Stranding

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