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This is a story walkthrough page for Order No. 53 - Stone Fragment Delivery: Spiritualist of the game Death Stranding. Useful tips and strategies for this section can be found here. Read on for information on obtainable weapons and more.

Order No. 53 - Basic Information

Order # 53
Category Order for Sam
Where to Receive Mountaineer
Note: Mark

☆=Necessary to Progress Through the Story
◇=Not Necessary to Progress Through the Story

Order Specifics

  • Deliver all four containers of stone fragments.

Order No. 53 - Stone Fragment Delivery: Spiritualist - Story Walkthrough

1 Accept the order from the Mountaineer and receive the stone fragment containers.
2 Go outside the facility and head straight east. you will encounter Timefall Snow as soon as you reach the peak of the snowy mountain. The snow storm will continue to get stronger until you almost have 0 visibility of the mountain.
3 The snow storm will disappear once you get close enough to the Spiritualist. Continue heading east until you reach the Spirituals and deliver the package.
Go to
the Next Story Event
To Order No. 54

Tips & Strategies for Order No. 53

Attached Floating Carriers

Tips Easy Route.jpg
You will be carrying 80.0 kg of packages on four containers for this order. It is advised to use your floating carrier while traversing the snowy mountain to easily maintain your balance.

Easy Route

Tips Floating Carriers.jpg
You can easily climb the mountain avoiding the rocky parts by climbing from the south side of the mountain where the Spiritualist is at.

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