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This page contains information about riding the Reverse Trike (Motorcycle) vehicle in Death Stranding. Read on to learn more about the Reverse Trike's capabilities, including its controls, advantages, and disadvantages.

The Reverse Trike in Death Stranding

A Vehicle For Quick Navigation

Death Stranding Motorcycle
The Reverse Trike is extremely useful in the world of Death Stranding. It allows Sam to travel quickly, even while carrying heavy cargo.

How to Use the Reverse Trike

Reverse Trike Basic Commands

Death Stranding Bike Controls

Reverse Trike Detailed Commands

Button Explanation of Function
X button.png Jump
Triangle button.png Brake
L stick.png Steer
L3 button.png Boost / Wheelspin
R stick.png Camera Orientation
R3 button.png Switch Between Left and Right Camera
L1.png Activate the Compass
L2.png Brake/Reverse
R1.png Activate the Sensor
Hold R1.png
Stop Breathing
R2.png Right Hand Action
Hang On With Both Hands
Dpad up.png Switch Equipment
Dpad left.png Use or Switch Out Item
Dpad down.png Switch Function
Dpad right.png Switch Tool

Advantages of the Reverse Trike

Going Through Rivers

The Reverse Trike can go through Rivers. Take note that going through rivers consumes more battery.

Jumping Across Cliffs

Sometimes, you will encounter crevasses between two cliffs that can't be crossed on foot. The Reverse Trike's Boost Function will allow Sam to jump across them.

Speed Through Timefall and BTs

Going Through BT area
The Motorcycle can allow you to force your way through BT infested areas. However, this is not always possible, such as on rocky terrain which can't be traversed by the Reverse Trike.

Disadvantages of the Reverse Trike

Limited Battery

The Reverse Trike becomes unusable when its battery is depleted. Head to the nearest Generator or City and charge it there.

Traversing Mountains provides difficulty

An unfortunate fact of life - Motorcycles are not designed to travel vertically.

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