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This article explains how to obtain Chiral Crystals and what they can be used for in the game Death Stranding. Read on to find out what Chiral Crystals are, how to get them and what to use them for.

What are Chiral Crystals

Necessary Materials to Produce Tools and Equipment

Chiral Crystals are necessary materials in creating tools and equipment. As the game progresses, you'll start needing more and more of them to produce structures, so it's recommended to collect as many of them as possible.

No effect on the weight of your Cargo

Chiral Crystals are weightless, so you can collect as many as possible without any reservations. Since they have no weight, they'll have no additional effect on the weight of Sam's Cargo.

How to Obtain Chiral Crystals

1. Chiral Crystals appear often wherever Timefall is occurring


Players can obtain Chiral Crystals at locations where Timefall is occurring. When Timefall starts, press R1 to scan the surrounding area and search for Chiral Crystals.

2. Chiral Crystals are left behind by defeated Catcher BTs


Where there's a Timefall, there are BTs. When Sam is noticed by Gazer BTs, he'll be ambushed by Hunter BTs and pulled into a battle with a huge Catcher BT. If Sam manages to defeat the Catcher BT, he'll be rewarded with Chiral Crystals. However, Catcher BTs don't appear in the early part of the story, so it's recommended to rely primarily on the first method.

What are BTs?

How to Use Chiral Crystals

Use to Produce Items

Item Produced Number of Chiral Crystals Needed
Structure Equipment [Lv.2] 30
Container Repair Spray 16
Blood Bag 6
Hematic Grenade 4

Use to Produce Structures

Structure Number of Chiral Crystals Needed
Road Depends on the location
(Several Thousand)

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