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This page contains tips and information about stacking your Cargo in the game Death Stranding. Read on to find out more about load burden, Cargo placement, and Cargo sizes.

What are Cargos

Items to be Delivered

Death Stranding Cargo Final Preparation
Delivering Cargo is the primary gameplay element of Death Stranding. Knowing the best ways to carry Cargo will make or break your success in advancing through the game.

How to Stack Your Cargo

Consider Balance

Death Stranding Delivery Preparation
Try to avoid placing the majority of the Cargo you're carrying on one side of your body; this will help to achieve balance and to avoid falling over. It is also advisable to start loading Cargo on your upper body parts first (shoulders and back).

Consider Weight

While it is unavoidable on some missions, consider limiting the amount of Cargo you take on to avoid overburdening yourself. While arranging Cargo appropriately can ease issues with balancing, a heavy load will always take its toll.

Consider the Position of Cargo

Cargo that is stacked on your shoulders and in the farthest compartment on your back is more exposed to Timefall. Put important Cargo in a safer location to avoid Timefall deterioration.

If All Else Fails

Consider Auto-Arranging Cargo

This can be done by pressing the Triangle Button on the Delivery Preparation screen.

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