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How to Pee and Poo
This page contains information about Peeing (and Pooing) in Death Stranding. Read on to know more about how to let Sam pee and how to weaponize yourself with Pee and Poo equipment.

How to Pee and Poo

Do It in the Private Room

Death Stranding Stool
The Private Room allows you to Urinate (and Defecate, for that matter) in the Comfort Room.

Do It on the Rocks

Mushroom Sprouts on Area you Peed on
You can also pee in rocks when Urine is starting to accumulate. Hold the L2 and R2 button while selecting the direction to urinate with the directional pad. Take note that the camera must be pointed behind him (to avoid an R Rating).

Why Should I Relieve Myself?

For Weapon Creation

Sam Grenade Anti BT
Sam's Urine, Blood, and literally everyting that can be extracted from him can be used as materials for weapons against BTs. Make sure to always let Sam relieve himself (and to let yourself too for a healthier gaming).

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