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This page contains information about the Difficulty Modes for new players. We will discuss the pros and cons of each Difficulty Mode available in the game, and which Difficulty Mode you should choose.

Difficulty Settings

Very Easy Mode, Easy Mode, Normal Mode, and Hard Mode

There are 4 difficulties available in the game. They are classified into the Very Easy, Easy, Normal, and Hard Modes. Mr. Kojima has taken all players' skill levels into consideration in the creation of all these difficulty modes.

Which Difficulty to Choose?

Very Easy Mode for Non-Gamers

Death Stranding features a wide variety of actors and actresses appearing in the game. The Very Easy mode caters to fans who have no prior skills in or have a casual approach to gaming. For more information about the full cast of celebrity characters in the game, see the link below.
Cast of Celebrity Characters

Easy for Stress Free Gaming

Easy mode is for those gamers who want to experience the story of Death Stranding without being hindered by the game's various obstacles.

Normal and Hard for Action Game Fans

Death Stranding's gameplay is more on the “easier side” of the difficulty scale. The Normal and Hard difficulty are there for players with experience in playing action games.

Difficulty Notes

Difficulty is Changable In-Game

Don't think too hard about the difficulty at the beginning of the game. Difficulty can be changed In-game!. Just choose a difficulty, try it out, and change it according to your needs.
Differences Between Difficulty Modes and How to Change Game Difficulty

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