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This page contains information about the Private Room in the game Death Stranding. The Private Room contains many useful features that may aid the players during his/her mission.

What is the Private Room?

private room bloodtransfusion.jpg

The Preparation Area

Sam has several options available to him in the Private Room. Below are the various selection of actions Sam can complete during his stay in his private quarters.

Strike Poses

capture screenshots.jpg
During your idle time in the quarters, you can go to the sink to strike poses in the mirror. In front of the mirror, use the Right Control Stick to perform various actions–Sam will strike a different pose depending on which of the 8 directions you point the control stick. You can also take pictures of his poses by hitting the Square button.

Weaponize your waste (really)

Private Room C.R..jpg
Sam's body is special; his biological wastes can be weaponized for use and are especially harmful to the game's big bads, the Beached Things (BTs).

blood vials.jpg blood grenades.jpg

Sam's extracted urine and the weapon it got turned into.

Customize Sam's Clothes

The Private Room also allows you to customize Sam's looks. You can change head gears and even change their colors. (This is also applicable to Sam's backpack).

Organize Inventory

inventory organize.jpg
The Private Room allows you to re-supply items. While doing this, the game will allow you to choose the placement of the items. Take note that weight distribution affects Sam's movement.

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