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This is a page for the list of all the characters in the game Death Stranding, Read on to know more information about each character and their location in the game.
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List of Characters

Amelie Strand

Lindsay Wagner
Amelie is the daughter of the previous president, Bridget. She aims to unite America once again, a dream originally started by her mother.


Sam's Bridge Baby named Lou, he got Lou from the deceased Bridges Corpse Disposal member Igor.

Bridget Strand

The first and last female president of America, she is also the mother of Sam.

Clifford Unger

Mads Mikkelsen
A mysterious soldier that sam will frequently encounter and combat through out the story. Clifford serves as the main antagonist of the game.


One of the supporting characters in the game. He is the doctor working for bridges medical, he helps sam take care of BB through out the story.


Die-Hardman, The president's right-hand man and the director of Bridges. He is also the same man that conviced Sam to work with the Bridges again.


A mysterious woman associated with the group, “Fragile”. Sam meets Fragile during his journeys, and she seems to be quite knowledgable about BTs.


DEATH STRANDING™_20191112140535.jpg
Heartman is a researcher at Bridges and is focused on studying the Death Stranding. Heartman has a special condition where he dies every 21 minutes and gets resurrected 3 minutes later. During this time, he explores the “other side” to look for his family.


Troy Baker
Higgs, also known as “The Man in a Golden Mask”, is an antagonist in Death Stranding. Higgs is the leader of the separatist group Homo Demens.


A woman with a unique circumstance. Her daughter was born on the “other side”, manifesting as a BT. It is unknown why her daughter is fixed on a bridge compound but due to this, she cannot leave the area as Mama is still connected to her daughter. She is also known as malingen and she is the twin sister of Lockne.

Sam Porter Bridges

Sam left the group after an incident in a field operation while working for the Bridges. Years after, the Bridges sought out Sam again for an important task. He is the main protagonist of the game.

Other Characters

Chiral Artist

Chiral Artist.jpg Name: Chiral Artist
Location: Junk Dealer


Igor.jpg Name: Igor
Location: Dead
Role: Bridges Corpse Disposal


Lockne.jpg Name: Lockne
Location: Mountain Knot City
Role: Creator of Q-Pid

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill.jpg Name: Aaron Hill
Location: Mountain Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

Alex Weatherstone

Alex Weatherstone.jpg Name: Alex Weatherstone
Location: Weather Station
Role: Head of Distribution

Benjamin Hanock

Benjamin Hancock.jpg Name: Benjamin Hanock
Location: Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

Charles Khan

Charles Khan.jpg Name: Charles Khan
Location: Waystation North of Mountain Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

Chiral Artist's Mother

Chiral Artist Name: Chiral Artist's Mother
Location: Chiral Artist's Studio
Role: Prepper

George Baton

George Baton.jpg Name: George Baton
Location: Waystation West of Capital Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

Jake Wind

Jake Wind.jpg Name: Jake Wind
Location: Wind Farm
Role: Head of Distribution

Owen Southwick

Owen Southwick.jpg Name: Owen Southwick
Location: South Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

Philip North

Philip North.jpg Name: Philip North
Location: Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

The Collector

The Collector.jpg Name: The Collector
Location: Collector
Role: Prepper

The Cosplayer

The Cosplayer.jpg Name: The Cosplayer
Location: Cosplayer
Role: Prepper

The Evo-devo Biologist

The Evo-devo Biologist.jpg Name: The Evo-devo Biologist
Evo-devo Biologist
Role: Prepper

The Film Director

The Film Director.jpg Name: The Film Director
Location: Film Director
Role: Prepper

The First Prepper

The First Prepper.jpg Name: The First Prepper
Location: First Prepper
Role: Prepper

The Geologist

The Geologist.jpg Name: The Geologist
Location: Geologist
Role: Prepper

The Junk Dealer

The Junk Dealer.jpg Name: The Junk Dealer
Location: Junk Dealer
Role: Prepper

The Ludens Fan

The Ludens Fan.jpg Name: The Ludens Fan
Location: Ludens Fan
Role: Prepper

The Craftsman

Craftsman.jpg Name: The Craftsman
Location: Craftsman
Role: Prepper

The Doctor

Doctor.jpg Name: The Doctor
Location: Doctor
Role: Prepper

The Elder

Elder.jpg Name: The Elder
Location: Elder
Role: Prepper

The Engineer

Engineer.jpg Name: The Engineer
Location: Engineer
Role: Prepper

The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer.jpg Name: The Mountaineer
Location: Mountaineer
Role: Prepper

The Musician

The Musician.jpg Name: The Musician
Location: Musician
Role: Prepper

The Novelist's Son

The Novelist Name: The Novelist's Son
Location: Novelist's Son
Role: Prepper

The Paleontologist

The Paleontologist.jpg Name: The Paleontologist
Location: Paleontologist
Role: Prepper

The Photographer

The Photographer.jpg Name: The Photographer
Location: Photograper
Role: Prepper

The Roboticist

The Roboticist.jpg Name: The Roboticist
Location: Roboticist
Role: Prepper

The Spiritualist

The Spiritualist.jpg Name: The Spiritualist
Location: Spiritualist
Role: Prepper

The Timefall Farmer

The Timefall Farmer.jpg Name: The Timefall Farmer
Location: Timefall Shelter
Role: Head of Distribution

The Veteran Porter

The Veteran Porter.jpg Name: The Veteran Porter
Location: Veteran Porter
Role: Prepper

Thomas Southerland

Thomas Southerland.jpg Name: Thomas Southerland
Location: Distribution Center Sout of Lake Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

Viktor Frank

Viktor Frank.jpg Name: Viktor Frank
Location: Port Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

William Lake

William Lake.jpg Name: William Lake
Location: Lake Knot City
Role: Head of Distribution

Some of the characters are based off from real celebrity actors and actresses. Click on the link below for more information.
Cast of Celebrity Cameos

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