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Welcome to the game8 Death Stranding Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. Read on to know about the latest news, gameplay, events, and features from Kojima Productions' latest PS4 game.

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Death Stranding News & Updates

Category Article Name
Main Orders Order No. 17 - Ludens Flag
Order No. 56 - Winter Clothes|
Order No. 66 - Final Pizza Delivery
Beginner Tips Recommended Difficulty Modes
Game Controls & Settings
Equipment List Currently Unavailable
Memory Chip Locations Currently Unavailable

Death Stranding - Story Walkthrough (Orders for Sam)

Oders for Sam
Story Walkthrough (Orders for Sam)

Prologue.pngPrologue Episode 1.pngEpisode 1
Episode 2 .pngEpisode 2 Episode3Walkthrough.pngEpisode 3
Episode 4Episode 4 Episode 5Episode 5
Episode 6.pngEpisode 6 Episode 7.pngEpisode 7
Episode 8Episode 8 Episode 9Episode 9
Episode 10 .pngEpisode 10 Episode 11.pngEpisode 11
Episode 12.pngEpisode 12 Episode 13.pngEpisode 13
Episode 14 .pngEpisode 14 (Last Episode)

Death Stranding - Beginner's Tips & Guide

Tips and Strategy.png
All Beginner's Tips & Guides

Recommended Game Settings Game Basics (How to Play)
Reviews & Evaluation How to Raise Your Porter Grade
How to Pee (and Poo) How to Comfort Your Baby (BB)
Pros and Cons of Robot Delivery How to Increase Your Connection Level
What is the difference between difficulties? How to Obtain Chiral Crystals
Choosing the Best Routes How to Stack Your Cargo Like a Pro
How to Defeat BTs Game Controls & Settings
Monster Energy Drink Effects Hotspring Effects and Types
How to Find Memory Chips How to Get Likes Fast

Death Stranding - Equipment

List of Equipments

Death Stranding - Maps and Location

Maps and Locations.png

Central Region

Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City Waystaion North of Mountain Knot City
Lake Knot City Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City

Death Stranding - Enemies& Bosses

Enemies and Bosses.png

How to Fight BTsHow to Fight BTs How to Deal with MULEsHow to Deal with MULEs

About Death Stranding

Explore a Post-Apocalyptic World

Death Stranding Gameplay.jpg
The world has been ravaged by the mysterious event known as the “Death Stranding“. You must brave all kinds of terrain and weather conditions to deliver supplies to different cities.

Deliver Supplies to Disconnected Cities

Death Stranding Game Features.jpg
The world of Death Stranding displays a world where humans have become disconnected from one another due to circumstances beyond their control. It is your job to connect the cities in America through the Chiral Network, and to Make America Great Again.

Celebrity Star Cameos

Max Nikkelsen Sideview.jpg

Kojima Productions worked with several Hollywood actors and actresses to flesh out the characters of Death Stranding. Check the link below to find out more about who's who in the game.

Cast of Celebrity Characters

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