How to Deal with the Beast Titan | Attack on Titan Tactics

This page will show you how to deal with the Beast Titan in Attack on Titan Tactics. To see the details on how to beat him and his Abilities, please read on.

How to Deal with the Beast Titan

Delay his Attacks

Body Part Destruction.jpg
You can delay the Beast Titan's attacks by stunning him using an SP skill or destroy his arms. The longer you delay him, the more chances for you to kill Titans in battle.

Effective Attacks

All Assault Attack

Assault on Beast Titan.jpg
All attack from Assault units will damage him. The most effective unit to use against him would be Assault (Arms) units.

Area Attack SP Skills

Most of the SP skills with damaging Area Effect will affect the Beast Titan. You should use SP skills that can stun him to stop his attacks.

Buddy Attack

Buddy Attack with area of effect are effective against Beast Titan. Beast Titan will cancel his attack once he got hit by a Buddy Attack.

Attack Interval

Attack Interval.jpg
Every 15-20 seconds, the Beast Titan will Attack. The type of attack he will use will depend on how many units are there in the field.

Deploy units more than 3

Sacrifice your Units.jpg
You should sacrifice your units in order to survive the onslaught of Beast Titan longer. Beast Titan will target your units instead if they are more than 3 of them in the field.

Beast Titan Abilities


Beast Titan.jpg
The Beast Titan is technically immortal in the game. He won't die even if you use all of your attacks against him.

Attack Patterns

Boulder Hurl

Boulder Hurl.jpg
Beast Titan will hurl boulders on your main base if there are less than 4 units in the field.

Shattered Rock Throw

Shattered Rock Throw.jpg
Beast Titan will throw shattered rocks on your units if there more than 3 units in the field.

Body Regeneration

Body Regeneration.jpg
Each time he lose his arms, it will have increased HP on the next recovery. Attack his arm when he is about to attack to protect your main base longer.

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