How to Beat the Armored Titan | Attack on Titan Tactics

This guide will show you how to beat the Armored Titan. Read on to see the detailed steps on how to beat him, common mistakes when facing him, and the events on which he will appear.

Steps on how to beat the Armored Titan

Step 1: Wait for him to Charge his Attack

Armored Titan Charging Attack.jpg
The Armored Titan is immune to all attacks (restraint weapons, cannons, direct attacks, and body parts destruction). The Armored Titan's leg will become vulnerable once he start charging for an attack.

Step 2: Destroy his Legs

Armored Titan Body Part Destroyed.jpg
Once the Armored Titan charges for an attack, use an Assault (Legs) units on him to immobilize him and he will become vulnerable for a period of time. The best units for this step is Armin: Cadet Corps (at least 4-5 Star rarity) or Hannes: Garrison Regiment. As long as you level them up, they can easily destroy the legs of the Armored Titan.

Alternative for Step 2

Stunned Armored Titan.jpg
You can let the Armored Titan damage your base if you don't have the units to destroy his legs. After the Armored Titan charged your base, he will be stunned and become vulnerable to all attacks.

Step 3: Attack him

Damage Armored Titan.jpg
The Armored Titan will be vulnerable to all attacks once his legs are destroyed. Use your strongest units to damage him until his HP is gone!

Common Mistakes when facing Armored Titan

Attacking Armored Titan with an Assault (Legs) unit one more time

Most mistake players make when fighting the Armored Titan for the first time is attacking him one more time even if he is already stunned. You only need to attack him with Assault (Legs) unit once, as long as his legs are destroyed from the first attack.

Same Level as the Proficiency Level

If some stage requirements for Proficiency level are not maxed (prof. lv. 40 ), your Assault (Legs) units should be at least 3-5 levels above the required Proficiency Level. Players tend to face Armored Titan with the same proficiency level as the stage, which makes it harder for them to destroy his legs in one shot.

Note: If the Proficiency Level required is at maximum, either Awaken your Assault (Legs) unit to 6 star and max out its level, or get 2 Assault (Legs) units and use both of them to attack the Armored Titan.

Using the Auto Battle feature

Using the Auto Battle feature should NOT be used on the Armored Titan, especially on higher levels, for it doesn't know the weakness of the Armored Titan. Most Players rely on the Auto Battle feature of the game, for they think that it will know how to beat the Armored Titan.

Armored Titan Events

Advanced Event: Armored Titan / Female Titan Attack!

Advance Event - Armored Titan and Female Titan Attack.jpg
You will have a chance to face off against Armored Titan and Female Titan at the same time in this Event. The stages gets harder on higher levels and Titans appearing in each stage will increase. You will get Sun Medal once you complete a stage and exchange it for various items in the game.

Advanced Event - Walkthrough Guide

TImebound Battles

Timebound Battle Armored Titan.jpg
Once in a while, Armored Titan battles will be available on the Timebound Battle event. You can get souls of Keith: Scout Regiment, a 5-star unit in this event.

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