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This page is about Character Souls. Please read on to see the uses of Character Souls in the game.

Character Souls

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Character Souls are materials in the game that are used to Limit Break, Awaken, and increase the Luck of a character. Character souls are one of the most important things to have especially if you want to make a character to be stronger.

Uses of Character Souls

Limit Break and Awakening

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Limit Break is a process that is used for awakening a character. To Limit Break a character, you will need to have enough Character Souls. You can awaken a character once you got the required amount of Limit Break, Money and Awakening Stones. You can click this link below for a guide on how to awaken a character.
How to Awaken Characters


Luck of a character will automatically increase if you get Character Souls of that character. Characters with high Luck will be a good leader to set in Money Quest, for they will increase the money you can get. Check this link below for the full explanation about Luck.
Luck Stat Explained


Once your Units get past the maxmimum Luck Limit (5,000), their character souls will be converted into Relief Currencies.

Base Rarity Conversion
Base 3-Star Units Character Souls will be converted to Maria Relief
Base 4-Star Units Character Souls will be converted to Rose Relief
Base 5-Star Units Character Souls will be converted to Sina Relief

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