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This page is about Character Types in Attack on Titan Tactics (AoT Tactics). Read on to know the types and roles of the characters.

Character Types

Offensive Units

Offensive Units deploys on the field to take on titans head on. They are your main fighter in a battle.

Type Description
Offensive Unit.pngODM - Single-target ODM - Single-target units can be deployed on the field and attack a single titan with their ODM gears. They can go over building and trees to get to titans faster.
Area ATK Logo.pngODM - Area ATK ODM - Area ATK units can be deployed on the battle and attack multiple titans using their ODM gears. They can pass over buildings and trees to travel around the field easily.
Shooter.pngShooter Shooters are one of the units that can blind titans. They provide support to other units in battle. Their attacks doesn't go over buildings and trees.
Archer.pngArcher Archers are one of the units that can blind titans. They can provide support while hiding behind a building or a tree for their arrows can go over any obstacles.

Assault Units

Assault units can directly attack titans anywhere in the field. After their attack, they will retreat immediately in the battle.

Type Description
Assault Unit.pngAssault - Attack Assault - Attack units can attack all titans in the field. They have the most potential to kill a titan in the field.
Assault Area ATK.pngAssault - Area ATK Asaault - Area ATK units can attack multiple titans at once anywhere in battle. Only one unit in the game have this role in battle.
Assault (Arms).pngAssault - Arms Assault - Arms units can destroy the arms of titans anywhere in the field. They can stop the attack of most titans by cutting off their arms.
Assault (Legs).pngAssault - Legs Assault - Legs units provide support to allies by cutting the legs of titans. If they successfully destroy the legs of titans, those titans will stop moving for a while.

Intercept Units

Intercept Units are units that provide support to all ground units in the field. Intercept units can either block, stop the movements and kill titans in the field.

Type Description
Grapeshot Cannons.pngGrapeshot Cannons Grapeshot Cannons will provide support offensively. They can hit multiple titans at once in the field.
Intercept.pngRestraint Weapons Restraint Weapons prevents titan from advancing to your base. They can either block a way or stop the movements of titans.

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