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This page contains a list of skills and our rating for the character Mikasa: Eve of Formal Dress in the game Attack on Titan Tactics (AoT Tactics). Read on for information on Mikasa: Eve of Formal Dress's stats and our recommended Team composition to use with this character.

Mikasa: Eve of Formal Dress - Rating


Overall Rating 10/10
Leader Rating 10/10
Member Rating 10/10


  • Her Leader skill gives the highest ATK boost for all Gold units in the deck. She will be a good leader to select.
  • She deploys together with Eren once she use her Special skill.
  • She has the highest total Area ATK damage. She will be good to use against larger Titans in a battle.
  • Her Leader skill and Ability is a good combination for her and other Gold units. Leader skill and Ability will give her a total of 38% ATK boost in a battle.


  • She will have a hard time defeating a Boss Titan by herself.

Best Team for Mikasa: Eve of Formal Dress

Leader Friend/Mercenary
MikasaMikasa: Eve of Formal Dress NifaNifa: Running Assistant
ChristaChrista: Scout Regiment IanIan: Garrison Elite Squad ReinerReiner: Scout Regiment
ErwinErwin: 13th Commander of the Scouts ArminArmin: Scout Regiment PetraPetra: Scout Regiment


  • Leader - Mikasa, as the leader of the team, will give 20% ATK boost to all Gold units. This will increase the offensive power of your units.
  • Friend/Mercenary - Nifa will be a great asset in this team because of her Vitality Ability. Nifa's Ability decreases the HP consumed of ODM units when flying through in the field. You can also receive a bonus 13% HP if the Nifa you are using is owned by your comrade.
  • Members - All of the members in this team can support each others back in battle and they can deal with any kind of Titans that will appear.

Substitute Members

AnnieAnnie: Slacker Confectioner JeanJean: Fierce Resolve NileNile: Military Police Commander
MitabiMitabi: Garrison Elite Squad HangeHange: Titan Researcher NanabaNanaba: Elite Soldier


  • Annie: Slacker Confectioner - Annie can be a good substitute for Ian. Annie has a Buddy Attack with Mikasa that can deal high damage on multiple Titans.
  • Jean: Fierce Resolve- You can change any Offensive units in the team above with Jean. Jean has also a Buddy Attack with Mikasa that deals damage on a single Titan.
  • Nile: Military Police Commander - Nile can be a good substitute for Nifa. Nile's Leader skill gives HP boost to all Gold units. Nile wilil also provide 100% critical hit on Titans once he blinded them.
  • Mitabi: Garrison Elite Squad - If you don't have Reiner in your team yet, you can select Mitabi to take Reiner's place. Mitabi's ATK are lower than Reiner but it will be enough as long as Mikasa is the Leader of the team.
  • Hange: Titan Researcher - One of the possible leader that you can select is Hange. Her Leader skill gives 30% ATK boost to all Gold units in the team.
  • Nanaba: Elite Squad - To fill in one more slot in the team, you can select Nanaba as a member of the team. Nanaba is useless against all Titans except for Striking Titans. As long as you get her to a stage with Striking Titans, she can show you her full strength.

Mikasa: Eve of Formal Dress - Skills


(Gold) War Cry
Boosts Gold ATK 18% while deployed.

Leader skill

(Gold) ATK 20% Up
All Gold units in your deck get an 20% boost to ATK throughout the battle.

Latent Skill

Art of the Offensive
Constant 5% boost to damage dealt to enemies in battle.

Special Skill

Snowy Eve's Resolve
Deploy to the designated stage location with Eren. *Eren's capabilities boost based on SP Lv. Enh.
Time to charge SP Gauge 1.08%/s

Mikasa: Eve of Formal Dress - Stats

Basic Information

Start Rarity 5
Type Area Attacks
Role Offensive
Attribute Gold


ATK 674
HP 1188
Attack Area Width: 27 Meters
Succesive Attack 4x
Flying Speed 360
Proficiency 2
HP Loss in Air 4.8%/s
Running Speed 120

NOTE: The stats above represent those at Lv. 1

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