How to Get Skip Tickets | Attack on Titan Tactics

This guide is about Skip Tickets and how to get them in Attack on Titan Tactics. Read on to learn more about how and where to get Skip Tickets.

How and Where to Get Skip Tickets


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You will have a chance to get Skip Tickets when you battle in stages. Progress through the story, participate in special events and do quests to get Skip Tickets.

Note: You will still get Skip Tickets if you use it on stages.


Doing specific missions will reward you Skip Tickets. Go to the Missions tab in the home screen to see which missions give Skip Tickets.

Daily Missions

Daily Mission Rewards.jpg
Always check Daily Missions for it gives Skip Tickets. Check this list below to see which missions reward you with Skip Tickets.

Mission Reward
Finish Money Quest No DP - Lv. 1 Once 4 Skip Tickets
Finish Training Quest No DP - Lv. 1 Once 4 Skip Tickets

Event Missions

Event Missions.jpg
Participate in special events and do the missions to receive various rewards including Skip Tickets. You can check the News tab to see which events are active right now.

Special Events Item Exchange

Item Exchange.jpg
If you participate in special events, you will receive Medals. You will be able to exchange these Medals for Skip Tickets and other items.

Daily Login

Login Bonus.jpg
You will receive 10 Skip Tickets on your 3rd and 5th consecutive login, which means that every 7 days, you can receive a total of 20 Skip Tickets.

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