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This guide will show you the best ways to upgrade a character, including tips on how to upgrade Unit Level and Proficiency.

Best Ways to Upgrade a Character

Spending Deployment Power

Spend all the DP you get on daily missions on Farming Materials, Money, and EXP.

You can always recover 120 DP instantly by using 8 Crystals if you run out of DP before getting the materials or levels you want.

Clear Money Quests

Money Quest.jpg
Money is the number 1 requirement for upgrading character. Raising a unit's level using Experience Gems and upgrading Proficiency Level requires Money.

You have 5 attempts every day, be sure to clear all of them and get on the higher levels to increase the Money you will get.

You can reset the attempts 2 times a day, by using a total of 60 Crystals to gain more Money.
Money Quest Walkthrough

Finish Training Quests

Training Quest.jpg
One of the best and fastest ways to increase a unit's level is to use an Experience Gem.

You can collect Experience Gems in Training Quests. You will be given 5 attempts daily, so clear all the levels to get more rewards. Use 60 Crystals to reset your attempts 2 times to maximize the rewards you will get in that day.
Training Quest Walkthrough

Upgrading Unit Level

Sasha Level.jpg

Things Needed for Upgrading

  • Time - You need to invest time to increase a unit's level. If you use Skip Tickets to farm materials, your character won't be able to gain EXP, so we recommended repeating the stages without using Skip Tickets in order to farm EXP, as well as Money and Materials.
  • Experience Gems - To increase a unit's level fast, you need to gather Experience Gems. You can get many Experience Gems from Training Quests. You can only use Experience Gems if you have the exact or higher amount of Money.
  • Deployment Power - Taking on stages will require the use of DP. Having great amount of DP will help you get all the things you will need.

How to Quickly Raise Character Level

Upgrading Unit Proficiency

Eren Proficiency Level.jpg

Things Needed for Upgrading

  • Money - You will need to get tons of Money before you can upgrade a unit's Proficiency. Once a unit's Proficiency becomes high, the cost of upgrading becomes expensive too.
  • Materials - One requirement needed to upgrade a unit's Proficiency is to collect Materials. You will need to save up DP and Skip Tickets in order to get Materials fast.

Raising Your Proficiency Level

Awakening a Unit

Awakening Conny (First battle).jpg
Awakening a unit will increase its star and max level. It will be good to use to increase the stats of a unit. The higher the level of a unit, the better stats it will have in its max level.
How to Awaken Characters

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