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This page shows all Characters (Units) which can be obtained with Assault Roles in the Game Attack on Titan Tactics. Read on to find out what kind of Characters you can get as an Assault Roles unit!

List of Assault Characters

Name Rarity Attribute rating
Scout Regiment NanabaNanaba 5 CrimsonCrimson 9.5/10
Eve of Formal Dress AnnieAnnie 5 Jet BlackJet Black 9.25/10
Scout Regiment ConnyConny 5 Jet BlackJet Black 9.25/10
Scout Regiment PetraPetra 5 GoldGold 9.25/10
Fourth Squad Section Commander HangeHange 5 Sky BlueSky Blue 9.25/10
Diversion ErenEren 3 GoldGold 9.25/10
Executive Officer MoblitMoblit 4 Sky BlueSky Blue 9.25/10
Scout Regiment KeithKeith 5 CrimsonCrimson 9/10
Squad 19 Leader MarcoMarco 5 SilverSilver 9/10
Currently UnavailableGelgar 5 Jet BlackJet Black 9/10
Midnight Reaper JeanJean 5 SilverSilver 8.75/10
Garrison Regiment HannesHannes 4 Jet BlackJet Black 8.75/10
Cadet Corps BertholdtBertholdt 5 SilverSilver 8.75/10
A War to Be Proud Of IlseIlse 3 Sky BlueSky Blue 8.5/10
Defense Squad HitchHitch 5 CrimsonCrimson 8.5/10
Scout Regiment YmirYmir 5 Sky BlueSky Blue 8.25/10
Cadet Corps ArminArmin 3 Sky BlueSky Blue 8.25/10
Cadet Corps SashaSasha 3 GoldGold 8/10
Garrison Regiment AnkaAnka 3 CrimsonCrimson 8/10
Cadet Corps FranzFranz 3 Sky BlueSky Blue 7.5/10
Cadet Corps HannahHannah 3 Sky BlueSky Blue 7.5/10
Garrison Regiment GustavGustav 3 GoldGold 7.25/10
Cadet Corps TomTom 3 CrimsonCrimson 7.25/10
Cadet Corps DazDaz 3 GoldGold 7.25/10

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