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Control the field in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel with this powerful Ojama King Control Deck! We've got the full deck list breakdown, combos, and more!

Ojama King Control Deck List

Ace Monster
Ojama KingOjama King
Special Skill Immunity: Position Change ATK Support
Deck List
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Special Skill
White Magician Pikeru
Giant Soldier of Stone
Vorse Raider
ATK Boost ATK Boost
Ojama Yellow
Ojama Green
Ojama Black
Dark Resonator
Double Material
Mad Archfiend
ATK Boost ATK Boost
Zubaba Knight
Performapal Hip Hippo
Double Material
Trickstar Lilybell
Zany Zebra
DEF Boost
Horn of the Unicorn Shield & Sword
Rightful Magic Scrum Force Reinforcements

Ojama King Control Deck: Recommended Game Modes

Recommended Game Modes
Ranked Matches Banner.png Tag Duels Banner.png

Ojama King Control Deck Guide: How to Play

Playstyle and Win Condition

This Ojama King Control Deck revolves around controlling your opponent's to limit the amount of actions they can do within the duel..

With Ojama King's Special Skill, you can select one of your opponent's Monster Zones and it will look them out of summoning a monster onto that zone, leaving you with a free lane to Attack your opponent, until the end of the next turn.

This, together with monsters with Skills like ATK Boost, you're pretty much paving the way for your monsters to deal big damage to a specific opponent, leaving them with little to do, to stop you.

Lastly, with the Ojama Monsters' Reincarnation, you can receive a steady supply of monsters to further deal damage to your opponents, with them returning to your hand, instead of simply ending up in your GY.

Early Plays

Quickly Summon Ojama King
Dark Resonator Performapal Hip Hippo = Ojama King

The key is to quickly get Ojama King onto the field. Using either Dark Resonator or Performapal Hip Hippo with the Double Material Skill, you simply need to use either one of them, instead of normally having to tribute two of your monsters to summon your Ace Monster.


Clear a Lane
Dark Resonator Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Performapal Hip Hippo Ojama King

Choose one of your opponents, and quickly bring out Dark Resonator or Performapal Hip Hippo onto the Field to summon your Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the lane of your chosen opponent.

With Blue-Eyes White Dragon's Special/Master Skill, select the lane you want and destroy the monster that's on it leaving your Blue-Eyes White Dragon's lane with no monster on the other end.

Immediately after, bring out your Ojama King by tributing the other Double Material Skill Monster, and select the Monster Zone at the other end of your Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Now, your opponent won't be able to summon anything else on it, till the end of the next turn.

When to Summon Your Ace Monster?

Ace Monster
Ojama KingOjama King
Special Skill Immunity: Position Change ATK Support

There is no specific time as to when to bring out your Ojama King.

The best way to find out when, is when you have a lot of your hard hitting monsters in your hand to quickly do follow-ups to attack a specific opponent with, while their Monster Zone is locked.

Use your best judgment as to when this is right for you.

Ojama King Control Deck Counters: How to Beat

Deck Counters

Elemental HERO Neos Top Image.png

Going with a Deck that revolves around the Superspeed Skill such as an Elemental HERO Neos Deck will give you the upper hand.

Being to quickly overwhelm your opponent and attack them to regain lost LP due to Ojama King Control Deck's Effects will keep you high up in the rankings.

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