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Tag Duels is a game mode where you can pair up with a Tag Partner in a team and duel against another team in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel. Read on to learn more about Tag Duels and its list of rules, rewards, and tips to win!

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Tag Duels Overview

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The Tag Duel game mode is a type of Duel where two teams of two players face off. In Tag Duels, your team is made up of you and your Tag Partner.

Tag Partners are different characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series, and can be changed from the Tag Duel Home Screen. This game mode is perfect for fans of the anime or for those who prefer playing in teams.

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Tag Duel List of Rules

Tag Duel Rules
1 General Game Rules
2 Unlimited Skill Format
3 Tag Partners
4 Using Energy

General Game Rules


Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel-Tag Duel Setup

In a Tag Duel, players team up with a Tag Partner and compete against the other team. Your Tag Partner is the player you co-operate with and is positioned to your left. The two players on the opponent team are opposite you and on your right.

Duel Field

There are zones for each of the 4 players' Cards, and 6 Lanes connecting them. Each player has 3 Monster Zones and 3 Trap Zones, plus 1 space each for their Unique Monster Zone, Deck, and Graveyard.

During the Main Phase, drag Monster and Trap Cards into the lane connected to the player you want to target to activate them.

Starting Hand and Size Limit

The Starting Hand consists of your Ace Monster and a random draw of 4 more Cards from your Deck, making a total of 5 starting cards.

When a Duelist has 7 or more cards, they must use them in the Main or Battle Phases or be forced to discard them at the end of a turn to have a hand size of 6 cards.

Ending the Duel

The Duel automatically ends at the end of the turn when a team reaches 0 LP, or if the turn limit has been reached which usually lasts 8 turns. One team share one LP, and the winning team is decided by whatever team has the highest LP at the end of the game.

Unlimited Skill Format

The Skill Format determines how many Skill Slots are usable in a Duel. The Unlimited Skill Format is the normal Skill Format in Tag Duels.

In Unlimited Skill Format, all monsters can use all of their unlocked Skill Slots (up to 5).

Tag Partners

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel-Yami Yugi.png

In Tag Duels, your team is made up of you and your Tag Partner. Your Tag Partner is a character you can choose from the different Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series, from the original to the more recent shows.

Trust Level

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel-Trust Level

Trust is earned when you Duel together with the character set as your Partner, regardless of whether you win or lose that Duel. When a character's Trust increases sufficiently, their Trust Level will go up.

Each character has a different maximum Trust Level. There are no further level-ups after reaching the highest level.

Character Pieces

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel-Character Pieces

Character Pieces are used to unlock various Partner features for each character. The first Piece used makes them selectable as a Partner and unlocks Trust Levels up to 10. Each Character Piece used after that increases their Trust Level limit by 10.

For each character, there is a limit on the maximum number of Pieces that can be used at that moment. The maximum number of Pieces is subject to change in the future.

Choosing a Tag Partner

Characters can be set as your Partner from each of their Character details pages.

How to Change your Tag Partner
1 Change Tag Partner or Deck
Select the Tag Partner button on bottom left of the Tag Duels Home screen.
2 Select Change Tag Partner
Select "Change Tag Partner"
3 Select Series and Character
Select the desired Yu-Gi-Oh! series and the Character you want as a Tag Partner
4 Set as Tag Partner
Set the character as your Tag Partner

Tag Partner Decks

Initially, Tag Partners' Decks are the same as yours. Their Decks can be changed from the Tag Duel Home screen.

How to Change your Partner's Deck
1 Change Tag Partner or Deck
Select the Tag Partner button on bottom left of the Tag Duels Home screen.
2 Select Deck from Deck List
Tap on the "Select Deck from Deck List" button.
3 Select a Deck
Select the Deck you want your Tag Partner to use.
4 Confirm Deck Selection
Confirm Deck Selection


Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel-Energy Tag Duels

Playing a Tag Duel consumes Energy. Keep an eye on your Energy, as you must have remaining Energy to Duel.

Energy is recovered at a rate of 1 per hour. Another way to recover Energy is using an Energy Recovery Item which you can buy in the Shops or win as rewards. Players cannot recover Energy past the maximum limit. The limit may increase by participating in Tag Duels.

Tag Duel Rewards

Tag Partner Level Up Rewards

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel-Tag Partner Reward List

Increase your Trust Levels to unlock features and receive items. You will also be able to hear your Partner say different lines. A Special Deck for each character is also unlocked when they reach the required Trust level.

When you earn a certain amount of Trust after your character's Trust Level reaches its maximum, you will obtain Loop Rewards instead of leveling up. Better Loop Rewards become available as you increase character's Trust Level limits.

Tag Point Rewards

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel-Tag Points Rewards

Every Tag Duel you play earns you Tag Points. Points are earned even when you lose. More can be gained by playing against higher-level opponents and winning Duels.

When you accumulate a set amount of Tag Points, you will obtain various rewards. You may also unlock certain features. Tag Points are distributed to the Overall Tag Points and Tag Points by Series.

Special Reward Feature Tag Points Needed
Auto-Play IconAtuo-Play Tag Duels will play out automatically when this feature is enabled 30
Speed Up IconSpeed-Up This feature speeds up Duel animations in Tag Duels 210
Character PieceCharacter Pieces Can be used to unlock various Character Features. Depends on the Character and Series

Tag Duel Tips and Tricks

Assist Healing

You and your Tag Partner share a starting 4000 LP. However, you can gain up to a maximum of 8000 LP. You can do this by Card effects or healing your partner by sending Monsters to your ally's Monster Zones.

When your monster reaches your Tag Partner's Monster Zone, it will perform an Assist Heal to recover LP instead of inflicting a direct attack. The LP gained from an Assist Heal will always be 500 LP. It is unaffected by how high or low ATK is.

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