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Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel - List of All Cards
Every card in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel right here! Read on to see all N, R, SR, & UR Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards to craft your ideal deck!

List of All Cards

Monster Cards

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel - Monster Cards
Monster Cards are the primary cards used to defeat your opponent by dealing damage to an enemy Monster Card, a Raid Boss, or through direct attacks to deal damage to an opponent's Life Points (LP).

List of All Monster Cards

Spell Cards

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel - Spell Cards
Spell Cards are used to trigger different effects during the Battle Phase of your turn. These may include changing an opponent Monster Card to Defense Position or increasing a chosen Monster Card's attack or defense.

List of All Spell Cards

Trap Cards

Yu Gi Oh Cross Duel - Trap Cards
Trap Cards are used to impede or counterattack an opponent using various effects. These include destroying a Monster Card, adding debuffs on a chosen card, or decreasing an opponent Monster Card's attack.

Unlike a Spell Card, Trap Cards require you to place them on the field during the Main Phase of your turn.

List of All Trap Cards

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