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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel has some Pay-To-Win elements, giving an advantage to those who buy Gems and other items in the shop using real money. Read to find out why Cross Duel is not as Pay-To-Win as other games in the same genre and if Free to Play players can enjoy the game!

Is Cross Duel Pay to Win?

Cross Duel is Somewhat Pay to Win

Rare (R) 90.000%
Super Rare (SR) 6.500%
Ultra Rare (UR) 3.500%

Cross Duel offers gem promos and bundles for players who can buy them. Since there are a lot of cards with different rarities and drop rates in the game, players who buy them using real money, also known as Whales, will get the upper hand in this game, making it a Pay-To-Win game.

To put it in simple terms, they have a higher chance of getting better cards in the Gacha banners and creating strong decks in a snap.

However, Cross Duel is not as Pay-To-Win as other Yu-Gi-Oh! games like Master Duel, as the card and deck pool is not as large. It is most likely possible for a Free-To-Play (F2P) player to make a strong deck, as long as they know what to do with the huge number of Gems at the start.
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Cross Duel is Free to Play Friendly

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel - Cross Duel is Free to Play Friendly
Although Cross Duel has a Pay-To-Win element, it is still possible to start off with better deck, as you will have enough Gems to create a single but powerful deck at the start. But make sure to roll on the banner that have what you need or it will be hard for you to go up.

That being said, it will be hard for competitive free to play players to rank up fast without any problems, especially on higher ranks, if not spending real money to get more Gems in the game.

List of Microtransactions

In-Game Currencies are farmable by playing

You will receive tons of rewards just by playing or checking out different areas in the game. It should provide you with additional Gems and Materials that you can use to get new cards or upgrades. You will also get more rewards for winning matches, as you will be able to increase your partner's level faster and complete more missions this way.

How to Farm Gems

Get Free UR Cards at the Start

1 Get 1 UR Card of your choice after the tutorial.
2 Get 1 random UR Card after completing the Beginner Missions.
3 Rank up in 4-Player Match mode to get 1 random UR Card.
4 Clear the 4-Player Co-op Mode to get 1 random UR Card.

There are chances of getting free UR cards after progressing further in the game. You will get additional 3 UR cards after selecting your first Ace Card in the tutorial.

Duplicate Cards can be used to trade for other cards

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel - Medals
One of the best features Cross Duel has is the ability to trade duplicate cards for other cards in the Shop. It is helpful to those who got unlucky in the Gacha banner as they can recycle them to get the cards they don't own yet.

You can also trade duplicate cards for Medals, which you can use to buy Materials, Accessories, and other items.

Reroll to have a Better Deck at the Start

Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel - Rare Card
The only way to have an equal footing or at least closer to Pay-To-Win players' level is to reroll until you get powerful cards at the start. It will help you start strong, giving you wins and rewards that you can use to get more cards and upgrade them.

Rerolling Guide: How to Reroll

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