Wordle Answer for 8/9: August 9, 2022 - #416

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This is the answer guide for 8/9's Wordle #416 on August 9, 2022. Learn the answer to the Wordle game for 8/9!

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Aug 7, 2022 -

8/9's Answer (August 9, 2022 - #416)

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The answer to the Wordle puzzle on August 9, 2022 is patty.

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Our Thoughts on 8/9's Answer

A Double-Letter Trickster!

Not only does the word patty feature a double-letter combination and an uncommon letter Y, it also bears resemblance to other words with its letter combinations!

Because of this, we think that the word patty is a rather tricky one for Wordle, and it could end up risking your streak if you're not careful!

Tell us in the comments if you agree with our assessment of the answer!

8/9's Answer Meaning

Patty - Small Flat Cake of Minced Meat

The word for 8/9 is patty which is defined as a small flat cake of minced or finely chopped food, especially meat.

Put the burger patty between the buns and remember to put some tomatoes and lettuce on top!

There's only one patty left that needs to be made until everything's ready for the barbecue!

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Aug 7, 2022 -

Wordle Hint of the Day - August 9, 2022 - #416

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