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Quart - August 1, 2022 #408

The word quart is a noun used as a measurement of liquid.

Quart Meaning: What Does Quart from the August 1st Wordle Mean?

Motto - July 27, 2022 #403

The word motto is a noun that is used to refer to a short sentence or phrase

Motto Meaning: What Does Motto from the July 27th Wordle Mean?

Cinch - July 26, 2022 #402

The word cinch is a noun that informally refers to an extremely easy task.

Cinch Meaning: What Does Cinch from the July 26th Wordle Mean?

Elope - July 25, 2022 #401

The word elope is an adjective that can describe an idea or thought that is uninteresting because of unoriginality.

Elope Meaning: What Does Elope from the July 25th Wordle Mean?

Midge - July 23, 2022 #399

Midge is a noun that refers to an insect.

Midge Meaning: What Does Midge from the July 23rd Wordle Mean?

Tryst - July 22, 2022 #398

Tryst is a noun that refers to a private romantic meet-up between lovers.

Tryst Meaning: What Does Tryst from the July 22nd Wordle Mean?

Aphid - July 21, 2022 #397

An aphid is a small insect that can be found underneath the leaves of plants. They suck on the fluids of the to survive.

Aphid Meaning: What Does Aphid from the July 21st Wordle Mean?

Trite - July 20, 2022 #396

The word trite is an adjective that can describe an idea or thought that is uninteresting because of unoriginality.

Trite Meaning: What Does Trite from the July 20th Wordle Mean?

Bland - July 13, 2022 #389

The word bland is an adjective that is used to describe something to be lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting.

Bland Meaning: What Does Bland from the July 13th Wordle Mean?

Agape - July 7, 2022 #383

The word agape is an adjective that is used usually with the mouth to describe being wide open, especially with surprise or wonder. It also has a secondary meaning that refers to selfless love.

Agape Meaning: What Does Agape from the July 7th Wordle Mean?

Sever - July 4, 2022 #380

The word sever is a verb that refers to usually removing or separating something.

Sever Meaning: What Does Sever from the July 4th Wordle Mean?

Lilac - July 3, 2022 #379

The word lilac is a noun used to describe a specific type of Shrub that is part of the olive family, which is also a type of color similar to purple.

Lilac Meaning: What Does Lilac from the July 3rd Wordle Mean?

Egret - July 2, 2022 #378

The word egret is a noun used to describe a specific type of Heron that has a long plume during breeding season.

Egret Meaning: What Does Egret from the July 2nd Wordle Mean?

Pinto - July 1, 2022 #377

The word pinto is a noun that describes a specific type of horse or pony that is dappled, splotched, or spotted.

Pinto Meaning: What Does Pinto from the July 1st Wordle Mean?

Hutch - June 30, 2022 #376

The word hutch is a noun that often refers to an item or location used as storage.

Hutch Meaning: What Does Hutch from the June 30th Wordle Mean?

Gawky - June 29, 2022 #375

The word gawky is an adjective that describes being graceless or uncoordinated.

Gawky Meaning: What Does Gawky from the June 29th Wordle Mean?

Smite - June 24, 2022 #370

The word smite is mostly defined as a verb that refers to usually defined as striking with a firm blow.

Smite Meaning: What Does Smite from the June 24th Wordle Mean?

Primo - June 15, 2022 #361

The word primo is mostly defined as a noun that describes the first or leading part .

Primo Meaning: What Does Primo from the June 15th Wordle Mean?

Atone - June 14, 2022 #360

The word atone is a verb that describes making amends, or reparation.

Atone Meaning: What Does Atone from the June 14th Wordle Mean?

Piety - June 10, 2022 #356

The word piety is a defined as a religious or reverent quality.

Piety Meaning: What Does Piety from the June 10th Wordle Mean?

Atoll - May 30, 2022 #345

The word atoll is defined as a ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands formed of coral..

Atoll Meaning: What Does Atoll from the May 30th Wordle Mean?

Bayou - May 29, 2022 #344

The word bayou is defined as a marshy outlet of a lake or river.

Bayou Meaning: What Does Heist from the May 29 Wordle Mean?

Heist - April 26, 2022 #311

Heist is a noun or verb that refers to the act of stealing.

Heist Meaning: What Does Heist from the April 26 Wordle Mean?

Oxide - April 22, 2022 #307

Oxide means a binary compound of oxygen with another element or group.

Oxide Meaning: What Does Oxide from the April 22 Wordle Mean?

Natal - April 6, 2022 #291

Natal is generally used to describe things that relate to the place or time of one's birth.

Natal Meaning: What Does Natal from the April 6 Wordle Mean?

Trope Meaning - April 3 2022 #288

Trope is a word that specifically refers to a figurative or metaphorical use of a word and/or expression.

It usually refers to a significant and/or recurring theme, often seen in television, movies, and the like.

Trope Meaning: What Does Trope from the April 3 Wordle Mean?

Harry Meaning - March 30, 2022 #284

Harry is a verb that can refer to two slightly similar meanings.

Firstly, harry is a verb that describes to persistently carry out attacks on either an enemy or an enemy's territory.

The second definition isn't as violent as the first one.

Harry can also refer to persistently harass.

Harry Meaning: What Does Harry from the March 30 Wordle Mean?

Nymph Meaning - March 27, 2022 #281

Nymph is a specific kind of mythological spirit, often encountered in Greek Mythology. It specifically pertains to spirits that reside by rivers or deep inside forests.

However, nymph is also the general term used for insects that don't change greatly as they grow -- like dragonflies, mayflies, etc.

Nymph is also the name for a specific type of brown butterfly that frequents woods and forest glades.

Nymph Meaning: What Does Nymph from the March 27 Wordle Mean?

Slosh Meaning - March 22, 2022 #276

Slosh specifically pertains to the irregular movement of liquid.

Slosh is an onomatopoeia, getting its name from the sound liquid makes when it's moved irregularly inside a container.

Slosh Meaning: What Does Slosh from the March 22 Wordle Mean?

Saute Meaning - March 18, 2022 #272

Saute is a culinary term that generally means to quickly fry in a small amount of oil.

But, as a curveball, saute is also a ballet move where you jump off both feet, and then landing in the same position.

Saute Meaning: What Does Saute from the March 18 Wordle Mean?

Smelt Meaning - March 14, 2022 #268

Smelt has multiple meanings.

Firstly, it's a type of small bony fish, that's often fried and eaten head, guts and all.

Second, smelt is also a process of melting and fusing something like ore creating a chemical change usually to separate metals -- the process we get iron, copper, etc.

And lastly, the most common form of smelt is it being the past tense of the verb smell.

Smelt Meaning: What Does Smelt from the March 14 Wordle Mean?

Brine Meaning - March 5, 2022 #259

Brine is a word referring to saltwater which can be used as either a noun or a verb.

Brine can be a saltwater solution, which is often used in cooking, or it can be a verb referring to the cooking process of using a saltwater solution to season or preserve food.

Brine Meaning: What Does Brine from the March 5 Wordle Mean?

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