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This page contains information for the quest Long Distance in the game The Outer Worlds. Read on to learn more about the quest's objectives, rewards, outcomes, and how to get them.

This page contains information for the quest Long Distance in the game The Outer Worlds. Read on to learn more about the quest's objectives, rewards, outcomes, and how to unlock them.

Quest Basic Information

Quest Info

Quest CoverLong Distance
"Adjutant Sophia Akande has asked you to help her track down Phineas Welles. Head to Welles's lab and send the Board a tracking signal from his terminal."
Quest Type Planet Location
Main Quest - The Unreliable

Possible Rewards

Send a Tracking Signal and report to Sophia Akande
EXP 79200
Bits 2000
Item -
Reputation The Board +

How to Unlock Long Distance

You can unlock this quest by accepting Adjutant Akande's offer when you return to ADA after getting the Dimethyl Sulfoxide from the Ministry of Accuracy and Morale.

You can also unlock this quest by finishing the the previous main quest Signal Point in Space during The Board Questline.

Quest Objectives

Send the Tracking Signal

tracking signal.jpg
"Find Welles' communication terminal and send a tracking signal to Sophia Akande."

For this objective, you need to talk to Phineas first and tell him that Akande wants you to put a tracking signal in his communications terminal. If you do this, you will have an additional choice to send a corrupt tracking signal instead. Once you send either signals this objective will be complete.

Return to ADA

return to ADA.jpg
"Sophia said she'd contact you as soon as her office picks up Welles' location. Head back to your ship and see if Sophia has a message for you."

Regardless of what signal you sent on the communications terminal, Sophia Akande will contact you again through ADA and she will ask for you to go to her office via her personal docking bay.

Speak to Sophia

sophia akande.jpg
"Sophia was pleased with your results and requested that you come see her in Byzantium."

When you talk to Sophia she will give you another task which will unlock the quest Foundations. You only need to talk to Sophia to complete this objective.

Speak to Percival

"Sophia is pleased with your work. Check in with Percival for your reward."

After talking to Sophia, you can now go to Percival at the desk to receive your rewards and the quest will automatically finish.

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List of Main Quests

Name Description
Stranger in a Strange Land Phineas needs your help to set things right in Halcyon, but you'll need transportation first.
Comes Now the Power Workers are abandoning the town of Edgewater. Reed Tobson, Edgewater's administrator, wants to force these deserters to return to town by shutting off their power.
Passage to Anywhere In order to revive your fellow colonists stranded in hibernation, Dr. Welles needs you to travel to Stellar Bay on the terraformed moon of Monarch. Monarch is interdicted by the Halcyon Holdings corporate Board, so you'll have to procure a Navkey through unofficial channels.
Radio Free Monarch The Information Broker promised to find the chemicals needed by Phineas. Problem is, he hasn't delivered the intel on time and hasn't provided an explanation. Travel to Monarch, find him and obtain the data.
The City and the Stars Now that Phineas knows Minister Clarke's been hoarding dimethyl sulfoxide in Byzantium, he just need you to get to the city to steal it. Easy.
Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Phineas Welles has asked you to skip the Hope to Terra 2.
Long Distance Adjutant Sophia Akande has asked you to help her track down Phineas Welles. Head to Welles's lab and send the Board a tracking signal from his terminal.
Balance Due Udom Bedford is interested in your information where to find Phineas Welles - the target of a bounty reward from the Halcyon Holdings Board. However, he sold his official Board seal to Gladys, and he needs you to recover it before you can travel to Byzantium and report to his superiors.
The Puppet Masters After speaking to Udom Bedford, you learned he could arrange a meeting between you and Sophia Akande, Adjutant to the Chairman.
Brave New World (Phineas) Phineas has been captured and brought to the prison planet of Tartarus, where the Board intends to interrogate him. Now it's up to you to infiltrate the prison and rescue Phineas before the Board can enact its plan to cull Halcyon's population.
The Demolished Woman Adjutant Sophia Akande has asked you to disposed of a cartographer named Rachel Lockwood and retrieve some sensitive documents in her possession.
Signal Point In Space Disruptive broadcasts originating from Monarch have been increasing in frequency. In addition to illegal use of the radio bands for business, anti-Board propaganda has also saturated the airwaves. Sophia has asked you to take control of the main broadcast tower at Devil's Peak so the Board can regulate all transmissions from Monarch.
Foundation Edgewater has become a leech on the colony's dwindling resources. Adjutant Akande wants you to wipe out the town.
Brave New World (The Board) While you were taking control of the Hope, Sophia Akande sent a team to capture Phineas Welles. They succeeded, and he was transported to the prison planet of Tartarus so Sophia could question him personally. Unfortunately, shortly after his arrival, Phineas escaped, caused a prison riot, and took Sophia hostage. Now it's up to you to rescue her and bring Phineas to justice.

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