How to Get Bits Fast | The Outer Worlds

This is the page explaining How to Get Bits Fast for the game The Outer Worlds. This is also where we explain the best part of the game - how to get the moolah, and fast!

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This is the page explaining How to Get Bits Fast for the game The Outer Worlds. This is also where we explain the best part of the game - how to get the moolah, and fast!

The Outer Worlds Money System - Bits and Bit Cartridges

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They are called gold in Skyrim, bottlecaps in Fallout 4, and various other words in different games. Here in the Outer Worlds, bits make the world - or different planets - go round. More specifically, they are collected inside bit cartridges, found scattered across abandoned settlements and Outlaw or Marauder hideouts.

Find out how to make bits fast in the Outer Worlds by reading on.

Make Money Fast in The Outer Worlds

There are different ways to make money in the Outer Worlds, but no one way offers you a chance to make it quicker than is possible in the game. You can still make it, though, through a combination of selling loot, making vendors pay you more than normal, and finishing Quests. Choose the tactic which is right for you!

Through Selling Loot and Junk

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There are a few artifact items in The Outer Worlds, and then, there are those items which are excess articles. You can safely sell these off at a trading store or a vendor. These are usually found throughout the Wilds of Halcyon, or off of Marauders and Outlaws. Some of them are even more valuable than others.

Excess Pristine Items

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Pristine Items are a little more Special than other items in the game. These can be Pristine Weapons, Armor, or Mods. If you see an Item you don't have need of, it's time to sell it off to a vendor.

Through the Snake Oil Salesman Perk

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A Tier 2 Perk, Snake Oil Salesman, helps you sell off items better with a 20% addition on the price. Consider getting this perk as soon as its available to make more money selling off unwanted junk.

For more informaton on Perks, take a look at them here:

List of Perks

Through Completing Quests

There are no shortage of Quests to complete in the sotryline.There are also no shortage of Sidequests to complete for more money! Choose to finish these Sidequests to get both Items you can sell off and the Prize Bits at the end.

Here's an idea of what Quests you can do in the game:
Quests and Story Walkthrough

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