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This is the page explaining How to Get All Companions for the game The Outer Worlds. Locations of all six obtainable Companions in the game, as well as how to get them to join your party, are discussed here.

nyoka and ellie - companions_the outer worlds
This is the page explaining How to Get All Companions for the game The Outer Worlds. Locations of all six obtainable Companions in the game, as well as how to get them to join your party, are discussed here.

What are Companions?

Companions in The Outer Worlds are not unlike The Companions in Skyrim or in any other RPG that offers you NPC allies. These Companions in the game help you get through tough confrontations with enemies, aside from imparting help through adding some Skill points to yours through their inherent Skills.

These Companions are scattered through the game, and you have to track them down. Read on to find out where they might be, and what conditions you need to do to fulfill to get them.

How Many Companions are in The Outer Worlds?

full party - companions_the outer worlds
The game gives you six Companions, all of which you have to find and convince to come along with you. At most, you will only be able to invite two of them on an adventure with you, or you can go brave all of Halcyon's dangers yourself.

None of the quests to get your companions to join the crew are terribly hard. One of them, Parvati, joins right from the start, while you only have to complete quests for the others to join.


parvati - companions_the outer worlds
The mechanically-inclined Parvati can be found in the town of Edgewater. You'll find her talking to Reed Tompson.

How to Get Parvati to Come Along
Not that hard. Parvati comes along with you for the Comes Now The Power quest
Simply choose to have her come along for the quest, and she'll join your party on the spot

More about Parvati

Vicar Max

vicar max - companions_the outer worlds
The Vicar, the man of religion. A firm believer of the religion where the Grand Architect is all-omnipotent, Max DeSoto hails from the town of Edgewater as well. He will be found inside the Edgewater Church. An option in Parvati's conversation can easily lead you to him.

How to Get Vicar Max to Come Along
Accept the quest The Illustrated Manual from him
Once you find the book, travel back to the Vicar. He will join your crew after you speak with him about the quest completion

More about Vicar Max


felix - companions_the outer worlds
Felix is the resident troublemaker onboard the colony ship-turned-small town Groundbreaker. When you arrive, you'll see him talking with some guards.

How to Get Felix to Come Along
Talk to him after the guards leave. Tell him that the Unreliable is your ship and you're its captain
Complete your main quest on the Groundbreaker. Once you're done, head back to the Unreliable. You'll see Felix standing near the ship
Talk with him to get him to join your crew

More about Felix


ellie - companions_the outer worlds
Ellie is the other Companion you find on the Groundbreaker. You'll meet her on a clinic aboard the Groundbreaker, trying to break her 'friend' free.

How to Get Ellie to Come Along
Head to the promenade. You'll find the clinic at the left side.
You'll see Ellie and a doctor talking as you enter the clinic. Join the conversation to get Ellie's quest, Worst Contract
Follow all quest markers until you need to convince Udom Bedford to back off of Jessie using whatever means available
Return to Jessie to finish the quest. Speak with Ellie. Once she finds out Jessie's in the clear, she'll ask to join your crew

More about Ellie


SAM - companions_the outer worlds
Once you get a Companion onboard, you'll find the room to S.A.M's charging bay open. He is a converted cleaning bot that Alex Hawthorne was working on before his untimely demise.

How to Get S.A.M to Come Along
Examine your (Hawthorne's) terminal to find out how deep he was into S.A.M's completion
Head to Roseway. Make sure to choose the quest marker involving S.A.M
Once you've tracked down the Acid Steeper, head back to the Unreliable. S.A.M. will join your crew once you install the Steeper and activate him

More about SAM


nyoka - companions_the outer worlds
Nyoka is found at the Yacht Club in Monarch. She is a bit of a fun-loving hunter. Nyoka is also one of the best Companions available, coming with a converted Light Machine Gun.

How to Get Nyoka to Come Along
Follow the quest to get to Stellar Bay, then head to the Yacht Club
Nyoka will be there. Talk to her to begin her quest, Passion Pills
You can steal her pills from the local pharmacy or use a dialogue check to get it
Choose either option then return to Nyoka and hand the pills over. Nyoka offers to join your crew by guiding you through the mission first

More about Nyoka

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