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This is the page explaining How to Get All Science Weapons for the game The Outer Worlds. From Phineas' Experimental Weapon in his lab, this guide will help you seek out all the available Science Weapons in the game.

Science Weapons ss_The Outer Worlds
This is the page explaining How to Get All Science Weapons for the game The Outer Worlds. From Phineas' Experimental Weapon in his lab, this guide will help you seek out all the available Science Weapons in the game.

What are Science Weapons?

Science Weapons are a mysterious lot. No one knows why they exist. Phineas Wells may have created one of them out of boredom, but the others exist because they might have been pirated out of his lab.

They have strange and unique effects that may help you in your inter-planetary journey in Halcyon!

A sidequest, Weapons from the Void, helps you collect these weapons.

Significance of Science Weapons

Science Weapons have a strange and powerful effect. For instance, the Shrink Ray can - well, shrink enemies. The other Weapons also have the same strange and beneficial effects when used against your foes.

Science Weapons and How to Get Them

The Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray-Science_The Outer Worlds
The Shrink Ray is the first Science Weapon you'll come across. It's just there, sitting on a table in Phineas Wells' lab.

The Shrink Ray has Wells' personal stamp of approval on it, guaranteed to shrink your enemies down to a size you can easily fight against.

Phineas Science Lab_The Outer Worlds From the Unreliable, dock with Phineas Wells' (not so) Secret Lab
Shrink Ray-Science-4_The Outer Worlds Walk into the interior. It should always be your first time entering his lab
Shrink Ray-Science-3_The Outer Worlds Go to the area where you see cystypigs and scattered experiments lying about. The Shrink Ray will be on a table to your right

Shrink Ray Basic Information

Science Weapon Skill Requirement Location
Shrink Ray-Science_The Outer Worlds Shrink Ray Handguns Phineas' Lab (in plain sight)

The Gloop Gun

Gloop Gun-Science_The Outer Worlds
No one really knows what the 'gloop' from the Gloop Gun is made of, or basically how it came to be. All anyone knows is that it was left behind in Monarch.

It can make your enemies float (much like the premise of a film involving a clown and balloons) and can also inflict strong Shock damage. In that condition, they can easily be dispatched by your party.

The location of the Gloop Gun can be reached while doing the quest "Errors Unseen"
Gloop Gun-Science-2_The Outer Worlds Travel to the abandoned UDL Lab in Stellar Bay. Prepare for a fight with Marauders
Gloop Gun-Science-3_The Outer Worlds Head inside and look for the terminal where the weapon is locked. You can either Hack it or answer three questions
When asked, choose these answers to open the terminal:
  • Protect the Chairman
  • Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman's honor.
  • Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program.
  • Gloop Gun Basic Information

    Science Weapon Skill Requirement Location
    Gloop Gun-Science_The Outer Worlds Gloop Gun Heavy Weapons Stellar Bay (UDL Lab)

    The Mandibular Rearranger

    Mandibular Rearranger-Science_The Outer Worlds
    Be it because of the frozen modification, the Mandibular Rearranger will literally stop your enemies in their tracks.

    It can slow down your enemies' movement, while repeated blows will freeze them in their tracks.

    Gladys_The Outer Worlds You can buy the datapad for the Mandibular Rearranger from Gladys on her Groundbreaker shop
    This will take you to Scylla. There will be a quest marker that points you to the Northern part of the area
    Mandibular Rearranger-Science-3_The Outer Worlds You will find the green case for the Rearranger inside an abandoned hut

    Mandibular Rearranger Basic Information

    Science Weapon Skill Requirement Location
    Mandibular Rearranger-Science_The Outer Worlds Mandibular Rearranger 1-Handed Melee Scylla (Abandoned Shack)

    The Mind Control Ray

    Mind Control Ray-Science_The Outer Worlds
    The Mind Control Ray is used to make your enemies hate each other. Use it to wreak havoc on your enemies, and defeat them - even in your lonesome.

    Mind Control Ray-Science-1_The Outer Worlds You can start the quest by buying the datapad from Duncan's Dry Goods store in Monarch
    Mind Control Ray-Science-2_The Outer Worlds Make your way to the abandoned Rizzo's factory at Cascadia
    Mind Control Ray-Science-5_The Outer Worlds Inside the factory, make your way to the room where experiments are done on Raptidons. Go past it
    Mind Control Ray-Science-3_The Outer Worlds When you see a non-functioning elevator shaft, jump across it to find a platform and ladders. Make your way through the ladders
    Mind Control Ray-Science-4_The Outer Waorlds Atop the last ladder, you'll see the green container holdin the Mind Control Ray

    Mind Control Ray Basic Information

    Science Weapon Skill Requirement Location
    Mind Control Ray-Science_The Outer Worlds Mind Control Ray Long Guns Cascadia (Abandoned Rizzo's Factory)

    The Prismatic Hammer

    Prismatic Hammer-Science_The Outer Worlds
    The Prismatic Hammer is the other weapon that you find using a guide datapad from Gladys' shop.

    This is the weapon to use if you find yourself surrounded by enemies, as it has a special effect which can damage multiple enemies at once.

    Follow the quest marker once you've bought the datapad from Gladys
    The weapon is in the Repair Hangar, the entrance to which can be found bunk beds found at the room to the left of the Customs Checkpoint
    Be wary of the Outlaws in this area. One of them will have a Repair Hangar Keycard on him. Take it after you take them out
    Prismatic Hammer-Science-3_The Outer Worlds The green case for the hanger will be inside the Repair Hangar room

    Prismatic Hammer Basic Information

    Science Weapon Skill Requirement Location
    Prismatic Hammer-Science_The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer 2-Handed Melee Groundbreaker (Repair Hangar)

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