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This is a list of Companion Perks available in the game The Outer Worlds. Learn about all the perks available to each Companion!

What are Companion Perks?

Player Perks are bonuses to Companions, who will join the main character, The Stranger, during their adventure. Perks improve a variety of aspects of play, both in and out of combat. Selecting Perks which best suit the way you use each Companion is essential making it through the game effectively, so be sure to unlock Perks that you will frequently take advantage of.

How to Unlock Companion Perks

Each Companion will unlock a new Perk point at every fifth level, which you are able to spend to unlock any Perk at any currently available Tier. Only the Level 1 Tiers are initially available, but a new tier is unlocked for every Perk you purchase.

List of Companion Perks

All Companions

Perk Tier Effect
Healthy 1 +30% Base Health
Boisterous 1 +30% Threat Generated
Sneaky 1 -30% Threat Generated
Fine Aim 2 +10% Ranged Damage
Battle Hardened 2 +5 Armor Rating
Heavy Handed 2 +10% Melee Damage
Spec Ops 3 +20% Chance to Reset Ability Cooldown on Ability Use
Stonebreaker 3 +30% Companion Ability Damage
Jazz Hands 3 -30% Equip Time, +30% Ranged Weapon Reload Speed
Echoing Thunder 4 +20% Chance to Reset Ability Cooldown on Kill
Shake It Off 4 -30% Harmful Status Effect Duration
Showtime 4 Showtime: Damage +25% for 5s
Long Winter 5 +20% Duration of Status Effects inflicted by Companion Abilities
Stand Your Ground 5 Stand Your Ground: +3 Armor Rating for 10s
Second Wind 5 Healed to 25% Health when downed, Cooldown: 15m

*SAM cannot learn the Heavy Handed Perk.


Perk Tier Effect
Bonus Support Engineering 1 +10 Engineering
Mod Finder 2 +10% Chance to extract Mods in the Field
Synchronicity 3 +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter

Vicar Max

Perk Tier Effect
Bonus Support Hack 1 +10 Hack
Sermon 2 +20% Dialog Combat Effect Duration
Mad Max 3 +20% Science Weapon Damage


Perk Tier Effect
Bonus Support Medical 1 +10 Medical
First Responder 2 +20% Heal Amount granted by the Medical Inhaler
CPR 3 Recover 25% Health when fatally wounded, Cooldown: 5m


Perk Tier Effect
Bonus Support Persuade 1 +10 Persuade
Bootlickers! 2 +20% Damage to Cowering Enemies
Rebellion 3 +20% Damage to Corporate Military


Perk Tier Effect
Bonus Support Lie 1 +10 Lie
Hunter 2 -20% Radius of Footstep Sounds
Exterminator 3 +20% Damage to Creatures


Perk Tier Effect
Bonus Support Intimidate 1 +10 Intimidate
Cleaner 2 -20% Negative Reputation per Kill
Bad Samaritan 3 +20% Damage to Automechanicals

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