List of Consumables | The Outer Worlds

This is a list of Consumable Items in the game The Outer Worlds. Learn about each Consumable Items, its effects, how much it can be bought and sold for, and more.

This is a list of Consumable Items in the game The Outer Worlds. Learn about each Consumable Item, its effects, how much it can be bought and sold for, and more.

What are Consumable Items?

These are items that are meant to be used once only, and generally have a positive effect on your Attributes or other stats. These items can be used together with the Inhaler for quick application during battle. Once used up, they will disappear from your inventory.

Consumable Item Effects

Although there are a seemingly overwhelming number of kinds of Consumable Items, there are actually only a few possible Effects which are used for multiple Consumable items each.

The variation in these Items depends on their Duration, as well as Sell Price and Weight. Be sure to choose Consumables with the longest Duration for the game's tougher fights.

List of Consumable Item Effects

Crash effects, occurring after the main effect has ended, are listed in red.

Effect Description
Adrena-Time High / Adrena-Time Crash Movement Speed +20%, Melee Weapon Attack Speed +20% / All Attributes -1, Walk Speed -10% (stacks up to 3 times)
Adreno Healing Heals 25% Health over 2s
Alcohol / Hangover Personality Attributes +1 / Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Charm -1
Caffeine Drink Mind Attributes +1
Carbohydrates +200% Natural Health Regeneration
Hardened Armor Rating +10
Immunized Harmful Status Effect Duration -50%
Insight Tactical Time Dilation Recharge Rate +50%
Leader Companion Ability Cooldown -50%
Meat Base Health +25%
Nicotine High / Nicotine Low Ranged Weapon Spread -50%, Ranged Weapon Sway -50% / Ranged Weapon Spread +15%, Ranged Weapon Sway +15%
Speedy Movement Speed +20%, Melee Weapon Attack Speed +20%
Sugary Drink Body Attributes +1

List of Consumable Items

Consumables with Adrena-Time High / Crash

Item Duration
Adrena-Time 15 seconds

Consumables with Adreno Healing

Item Duration
Adreno 2 seconds

Consumables with Alcohol / Hangover

Item Duration
Algae Lager 30 seconds
Iceberg Aged Whiskey 1 minute, 30 seconds
Mock Apple Cider 30 seconds
Purpleberry Liqueur 1 minute
Purpleberry Wine 1 minute
Rum And Somethin' 1 minute, 30 seconds
Spectrum Vodka 1 minute
Tripistout 1 minute, 30 seconds
Zero Gee Brew 30 seconds

Caffeine Drink Consumables

Item Duration
2-Hour Energy Brew 30 seconds
Fresh Half-Wooly Milk 1 minute, 30 seconds
Gigantaur Energy Drink 1 minute
Glacier Water 1 minute, 30 seconds
Mo-Ap Fizzy Tea 1 minute
Nanner Spank 1 minute
Purpleberry Fizzy Tea 30 seconds
Trip-Teaz 30 seconds

Consumables with Carbohydrates

Item Duration
Bred Noodles 2 minutes
Buncha Nanners 2 minutes
Fast Ration Pill 2 minutes
Knock You Out Bar 20 seconds
Mock Apple 2 minutes
NearMaple Syrup 20 seconds
Pre-Sliced Bred 2 minutes
Purpleberry Bunch 20 seconds
Purpleberry Crunch 20 seconds
Purpleberry Lunch 20 seconds
Purpleberry Munch 20 seconds
Retro Rockets 20 seconds
Tarmac & Cheese 2 minutes
Tripicale Pasta Pack 2 minutes
Wooly Curds 2 minutes

Consumables with Hardened

Item Duration
Hardineram Elixir 25 seconds
Metallisys Gel 20 seconds
Skin-Tuf Salve 15 seconds

Consumables with Immunized

Item Duration
Auntie-Biotics Creme 20 seconds
Immunosol 25 seconds
Ollie Ollie Toxifree 15 seconds

Consumables with Insight

Item Duration
Level Head 25 seconds
Lubrinesine Spray 20 seconds
Thinking Cap-let 15 seconds

Consumables with Leader

Item Duration
Facial Masque Skin Creme 25 seconds
Pep Pills 15 seconds
Verity's Breath Inhalant 20 seconds

Meat Consumables

Item Duration
Boarst 'n Baked Beans 2 minutes
Boarst Pockets 2 minutes
Boarst Wurst 2 minutes
Cacow Ribs 2 minutes
Cysty Chops 2 minutes
Deep Fried Cysty-Bits 2 minutes
Fish Stix 2 minutes
Frozen Dinner 2 minutes
Gourmet Saltuna Fillets 2 minutes
I Can't Believe It's Not Boarst 2 minutes
Raptidon Meat 2 minutes
Tartarus Sauce 2 minutes
Terra-Fried Spratwurst 2 minutes

Consumables with Nicotine High / Low

Item Duration
Cosmic Smoke 1 minute
High Society Cigarettes 1 minute, 30 seconds
Nico-Pad 30 seconds
Perfecto 1 minute, 30 seconds
Pipe Patch 1 minute
Spacer's Chaw 30 seconds
Spacer's Corona 30 seconds
Steady Hand 1 minute, 30 seconds
Stogie Slims 1 minute

Consumables with Speedy

Item Duration
Dervish Mist 15 seconds
Energizing Ointment 25 seconds
Stimu-Lotion 20 seconds

Sugary Drink Consumables

Item Duration
Dehydrated Water Tablets 30 seconds
Lemon Slapp 1 minute
Mock Apple Juice 30 seconds
Plain 'n Pure Water 30 seconds
Purpleberry Juice 1 minute
Purpleberry Punch 1 minute

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