List of Handguns | The Outer Worlds

This is a list of Handguns available in the game The Outer Worlds. Read on to find out the stats of each Weapon and how to get them!

This is a list of Handguns available in the game The Outer Worlds. Read on to find out the stats of each Weapon and how to get them!

What are Handguns?

Handguns are used for a variety of purposes, with quick peashooters like the Light Pistol, heavy hitters like The Vermin, and multi-shot guns like the Bolter Pistol. Handguns generally have the advantage of lower Weight but an overall lower DPS.

Stats affecting Handguns

In addition to the stats associated with the Weapon, Handguns reference the user's stats to determine their effectiveness. When using a Handgun-focused build, be sure to use Armor with boosts to the Handguns Skill, as well as Consumables which boost Body and Mind Attributes.

Stat Effect
Handguns Skill Handgun Critical Hit Chance, Handgun Sway
Dexterity Attribute Ranged Weapon Reload Speed
Intelligence Attribute Critical Damage (all weapons)
Perception Attribute Bonus to Extra Headshot/Weakspot Damage (all weapons)

List of Handguns

Weapon Damage Type Magazine Type DPS Special Effect
Auto-Mag Pistol Physical Light 165 Stagger
Auto-Mag Pistol Ultra Physical Light 525 Stagger
Bolter Pistol Plasma Energy 116 Stagger
Bolter Pistol 2.0 Plasma Energy 402 Stagger
Fiver Physical Heavy 175 Knockback
Light Pistol Physical Light 110 Bleed
Light Pistol Mk 2 Physical Light 352 Bleed
Revolver Physical Light 94 Knockback
Revolver Mk 2 Physical Light 314 Knockback
Salvager's Helper Physical Light 660 Bleed
Shrink Ray Plasma Energy 47 Weaken
The Vermin Physical Heavy 205 Knockout
The Vermin II Physical Heavy 492 Knockout
Ultimate Bolter 2.0 Plasma Energy 584 Burn

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