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This is the Tips and Strategies section for the game The Outer Worlds. Refer to this page for a list of available tips and strategies to win the game.

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This is the Tips and Strategies section for the game The Outer Worlds. Refer to this page for a list of available tips and strategies to win the game.

Tips and Strategies

In this list, we hope to provide the player with the essentials to not only survive Halcyon but to effectively navigates its dangers and conquer the game! Read on and find out if there's a crucial thing missing or something that is needed to win over the challenges of The Outer Worlds!

Understanding the Game

Check out our Game Mechanics section as well to learn the ins and outs of how the game works.

Game Mechanics

All Tips and Strategy Guides

Making the Best Character

As you play through the game, you'll develop your character to suit your specific play style. Learn how to develop your character and Companions, and all the different potential ways you can knock your enemies six ways from Sunday!

  • Best Starting Builds and Early Game Builds
  • Best Character Builds
  • Best Build for Each Companion
  • Best Perks
  • Best Attributes
  • Best Aptitude to Choose
  • Best and Worst Flaws
  • How to Increase Attributes
  • How to Reset Perks

Playing Like a Pro

Where you're the hero of Halcyon or a vigilante on the run, you'll need to know the ropes to hold your own out there. Our guides will teach you how to master each aspect of gameplay!

  • What to Know Before Playing the Game
  • How to Get Bits Fast
  • How to Get Exp Fast
  • Best Side Quests to Complete
  • Best Consumable Items to Use
  • Where to Sell Junk | What to Do With Junk
  • Where to Buy Items | Buying Guide

Getting the Best Gear

Weapons, Armor, Mods... these are the tools that will keep you alive on your journey. Learn how to find the best weapons, armor, and mods, and which to use together for the ultimate combos!

  • Best Weapons for Early Game
  • Best Weapons and Weapon Builds
  • Best Armor and Armor Builds
  • Best Weapon Modifications (Mods)
  • Best Armor Modifications (Mods)
  • When to Repair Weapons and Armor
  • When to Tinker Weapons and Armor
  • When to Use Mods

Beating the Game

Once you're a master space cowboy, check these guides to find out everything there is to see and do in Halcyon. Learn how to achieve 100% completion in the game!

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