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This is the Attributes section for the game The Outer Worlds. Refer to this page for a list of available attributes within the game.

Attributes 3_The Outer Worlds

This is the Attributes section for the game The Outer Worlds. Refer to this page for a list of available attributes within the game.

What Are Attributes?

Attributes are what makes characters the great shooter or pugilist that they are. At the beginning of the game, the player is given the choice of making their character. Attributes judge whether they are able to dodge perfectly, shoot the heads off Marauders like it's nothing, or take them out efficiently with melee weapons.

Character Attributes

Your character's attributes can make or break your grameplay. The attributes in this game are designed the same way as other RPGs of its genre.

Body Attributes


In The Outer Worlds, Strength determines how strong your character attacks, as well as how much you can carry in your inventory. It can also affect how well you block weapons, how much you inspire your companions, and how scared your opponents are when facing you.

Strength Attribute and Effects


Dexterity in this game determins how fast your character can swing his or her sword or shoot an attacking enemy. It also affects how they can dodge attacks, sneak past an enemy, or how they can open locked chests.

Dexterity Attribute and Effects

Mind Attributes


If you value critical hits over anything, you should invest in Intelligence. Players who value rifles should invest in this attribute too, as well as those who love to persuade their way into a companion or enemy's decisions, hackers, healers, and those who want high determination.

Intelligence Attribute and Effects


Perception in this game has a vague definition but, simply put, put points into this attribute if you want clean headshots and to easily spot an enemy's weakness. Aside from receiving a bonus in those areas, your character also gets bonuses to using handguns, long guns, and heavy weapons, as well as in the dodge, lockpick, and engineering skills.

Perception Attribute and Effects

Personality Attributes


As they say, not anyone can charm their way out of a sticky situation, but you probably can if you put points into this attribute. Charm can affect your relationship with a faction, as well as affect your character's dialogue (Persuade, Lie, and Intimidate).

Charm Attribute and Effects


Temperament is the closest skill that governs a character's HP regeneration. Strangely enough, it also affects how you Lie your way into a conversation, how you use 2-handed Melee weapons, and how you Sneak into offing an opponent. On the other hand, it is more closely related to your Medical skill, and also affects you Determination and Engineering skills.

Temperament Attribute and Effects

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