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This is the Quest section for the game The Outer Worlds. Refer to this page for a list of quests available within the game.

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This is the section for the game The Outer Worlds. Refer to this page for a list of available within the game.

What Are Quests?

In most games, quests are tied to the storyline and some of them are given on the side to add to the main story. The same is true for The Outer Worlds. These quests move the story along and are what helps the main character--the Stranger--earn his or her levels.

Quest Dependencies

Some quests rely on other quests being completed before they show up on the ledger. In the same way, some people may require you to complete other quests before joining up. Quest dependencies are further explained in the Quest Log.

Quest Screen

The player's active and completed Quests all appear in this screen. If the player wants to change their current active quest, this is the section to do it.

Quest Tracking

This is where the player can see the objectives of their current active quest. The Ledger's Quest log is also where they can find this section, as well as where they can change their current active quest.

List of Quests

List of Main Quests

Name Description
Stranger in a Strange Land Phineas needs your help to set things right in Halcyon, but you'll need transportation first.
Comes Now the Power Workers are abandoning the town of Edgewater. Reed Tobson, Edgewater's administrator, wants to force these deserters to return to town by shutting off their power.
Passage to Anywhere In order to revive your fellow colonists stranded in hibernation, Dr. Welles needs you to travel to Stellar Bay on the terraformed moon of Monarch. Monarch is interdicted by the Halcyon Holdings corporate Board, so you'll have to procure a Navkey through unofficial channels.
Radio Free Monarch The Information Broker promised to find the chemicals needed by Phineas. Problem is, he hasn't delivered the intel on time and hasn't provided an explanation. Travel to Monarch, find him and obtain the data.
The City and the Stars Now that Phineas knows Minister Clarke's been hoarding dimethyl sulfoxide in Byzantium, he just need you to get to the city to steal it. Easy.
Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Phineas Welles has asked you to skip the Hope to Terra 2.
Long Distance Adjutant Sophia Akande has asked you to help her track down Phineas Welles. Head to Welles's lab and send the Board a tracking signal from his terminal.
Balance Due Udom Bedford is interested in your information where to find Phineas Welles - the target of a bounty reward from the Halcyon Holdings Board. However, he sold his official Board seal to Gladys, and he needs you to recover it before you can travel to Byzantium and report to his superiors.
The Puppet Masters After speaking to Udom Bedford, you learned he could arrange a meeting between you and Sophia Akande, Adjutant to the Chairman.
Brave New World (Phineas) Phineas has been captured and brought to the prison planet of Tartarus, where the Board intends to interrogate him. Now it's up to you to infiltrate the prison and rescue Phineas before the Board can enact its plan to cull Halcyon's population.
The Demolished Woman Adjutant Sophia Akande has asked you to disposed of a cartographer named Rachel Lockwood and retrieve some sensitive documents in her possession.
Signal Point In Space Disruptive broadcasts originating from Monarch have been increasing in frequency. In addition to illegal use of the radio bands for business, anti-Board propaganda has also saturated the airwaves. Sophia has asked you to take control of the main broadcast tower at Devil's Peak so the Board can regulate all transmissions from Monarch.
Foundation Edgewater has become a leech on the colony's dwindling resources. Adjutant Akande wants you to wipe out the town.
Brave New World (The Board) While you were taking control of the Hope, Sophia Akande sent a team to capture Phineas Welles. They succeeded, and he was transported to the prison planet of Tartarus so Sophia could question him personally. Unfortunately, shortly after his arrival, Phineas escaped, caused a prison riot, and took Sophia hostage. Now it's up to you to rescue her and bring Phineas to justice.

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List of Side Quests

Name Description
Passion Pills Nyoka said she'll help guide you through the Monarch wilderness, but only if you can sober her up.
The Doom That Came to Roseway Gladys has given you a copy of a distress signal from Terra 2. Someone in Roseway, a supposedly-abandoned Auntie Cleo outpost, is requesting help. If there are corporate operations hiding there, its likely you'll be able to find some valuable data.
Happiness is a Warm Spaceship Help Junlei Tennyson fix the radiator arrays in maintenance shaft.
A Few Kindred Spirits Grace Romero, one of the deserters camped at the Botanical Lab, has asked you to look for a missing deserter named Zoe.
The Frightened Engineer Thomas Kemp, one of the deserters living with Adelaide in the Botanical Lab, is trying to teach himself engineering. He has asked you to bring him any volumes of "A Young Spacer's Guide to Mechanical Engineering" that you find in Emerald Vale.
Fistful of Digits Constable Reyes of Edgewater has placed a bounty on dangerous marauders plaguing the region.
The Long Tomorrow Abernathy asked you to bring him a cache of anthrocillin hidden in the Emerald Vale Community Center.
Die, Robot Ludwig Miller, a guard watching over the landing pad south of Edgewater, is convinced that automechanicals are planning to wipe out humanity. He's asked you to help him wage a secret war against the mechanical menace.
The Distress Signal Gladys has given you a copy of a distress signal from Terra 2. Someone is Roseway, a supposedly-abandoned Auntie Cleo outpost, is requesting help. If there are corporate operations hiding there, it's likely you'll be able to find some valuable data to sell back to Gladys.
Solution Vital Dr. Wanda Dorsett, one of the local doctors, hass been waiting on a shipment of medical auto-mechanicals that has yet to arrive.
The Silent Voices The Groundbreaker's primary communications relay station is about to be occluded by one of Halcyon's gas giants for the next few months. To avoid being entirely cut off, they need the old backup relay station operational again. Edna Ingmire in communications hired you to travel to Relay GB-23 and bring the station online.
Who Goes There? The Groundbreaker's Mardets have a bounty out for a criminal on the run in the Groundbreaker's Back Bays. You've agreed to hunt down the unlawful Captain Gunnar MacRedd. Return his lighter to Cmdt. Sanita to claim the bounty.
Weapons From the Void Logs found in the captain's terminal on the Unreliable mention finding a powerful weapon. Perhaps the Halcyon colony contains other weapons which, like this one, push the boundaries of what science can achieve. It would be worthwhile to seek out these devides - these science weapons.
Vulcan's Hammer Orson Shaw, one of Roseway's labcoats, has been tinkering with a prototype pistol. He left schematics for it in the town's Storage Facility, but didn't have a chance to grab them when the marauders attacked. He'd like them returned.
The Amateur Alchemist Vaughn Cortes, one of the labcoats in Roseway, asked you to look into the status of an experiment he left running in Auntie Cleo's Secret Lab, which lies south along the road out of town.
By His Bootstraps A labcoat by the name of Jameson is missing. There's raptidons and marauders about, so his boss, Anton Crane, is (somewhat belatedly) worried for him.
Journey Into Smoke Lillian, Terra 2's friendliest outlaw, evidently dropped a rare, limited-edition Spacer's Choice cigarette case during a scrap with raptidons. She'd be thrilled to get it back.
The Grimm Tomorrow Grimm is waiting for a tossball poster signed by the greate Bertie "Black Hole" Holcomb.
The Secret People Braxton hasn't been to work in a few days. Velma wonders what he's gotten up to.
Herrick's Handiwork Caleb Herrick and the other auto loader operators are on strike until Velma gives them a raise.
A Family Matter Tucker Needham ran away from Stellar Bay a few weeks ago to join the Iconoclasts in Amber Heights. His mother Agnes is willing to pay handsomely if you can locate her son and convince him to return.
Flowers for Sebastian Celia has taken a special interest in Sebastian, but she needs help making her move.

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List of Faction Quests

Name Description
Space Time Continuum
The Ice Palace
The Chimerist's Last Experiment
The Commuter The Iconoclasts are due to receive a shipment of vital supplies from Carlotta, a sympathizer that resides in Stellar Bay. The meeting is set to occur at the Bayside Terrace warehouse.
Pay for the Printer Before Graham can spread his message to the rest of the colony, he needs control of an old printing press in the ruins of Stellar Bay. Travel there with the replacement parts you recently obtained and get it back in working order.

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List of Companion Quests

Name Description
The Illustrated Manual Vicar Maximillian DeSoto has asked you to find a banned heretical book, the Journal of M. Bakonu.
Worst Contact Ellie thinks there's something amiss with Jessie, an acquaintance who's been holed up in Groundbreaker's sick bay for a suspiciously long time.
Drinking Sapphire Wine Have Parvati meet with Junlei Tennyson, the Groundbreaker's Chief Engineer.
Don't Bite the Sun Parvati wants to surprise Junlei with a perfect date, and she needs your help to see it through.
The Cleaning Machine You found a non-operational sanitation and maintenance automechanical on the Unreliable. If you can get it running again, it may prove useful.
The Empty Man Vicar Max believes the book you retrieved for him in Emerald Vale holds the key to his enlightenment. He has requested your help in tracking down someone who can decipher its contents.
The Low Crusade Ellie wants you to take her to visit her parents in Byzantium. When you're in the area.
Star-Crossed Troopers Nyoka is looking for some closure regarding her old team. The first stop is a grave where she personally buried a man named Hayes.
Friendship's Due Clyde Harlow, an old friend of Felix from his early days on the Groundbreaker, wants to meet him in person. Harlow told Felix he wants him to be a part of a revolutionary project.

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List of Tasks

Name Description
A Small Grave Matter Silas, the local gravedigger, asked you to collect money from a few workers late on their payments.
Salvager in the Sky Pvt. Lee Flores suggested you might find paying work at the offices of SubLight Salvage & Shippiing. Flores shared several rumors about SubLight's liberal interpretation of salvage law to give you an idea of the type of work you'd be in for.
Odd Jobs You have been asked by the locals at Amber Heights to assist with some repair work throughout the area.

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