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Welcome to the Halcyon Colony, new recruit! Game8's The Outer Worlds wiki and walkthrough guide has everything you need to know about completing your adventure.

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About The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds | Quests

Intro 1_The Outer Worlds.png
Stuck in Halcyon without a blaster and a compression suit? Refer to our Quests guide when you're making your way through the colonies!
List of Quests

The Outer Worlds | Maps & Locations

Maps 1_The Outer Worlds.png
These are essential tools in making your way through Halcyon, recruit! Never, ever lose these, as the company doesn't like it when you get outside help from strangers.

Maps & Locations

The Outer Worlds | Weapons

Weapons 4_The Outer Worlds
We believe in the saying that a good recruit is only as great as their weapons, so we've compiled a list of the weapons in-game and which ones of them are effective in taking out your enemies.
List of Weapons

The Outer Worlds | Armor

Armors 2_The Outer Worlds
Keep your skin intact, recruit, and stay sharp! Halcyon is a world filled with harm, so you need to outfit yourself with a wide array of effective but easy-to-carry armors.
List of Armor

The Outer Worlds | Mods (Modifications)

Workbenches are located conveniently around Halcyon, including in your ship, The Unreliable. Learn how to use Mods at Workbenches to upgrade your Weapons and Armor to not only shock pesky foes, but melt them, radiate them, and more!

List of Mods

The Outer Worlds | Companions

Companions 2_The Outer Worlds
In Halcyon, your survival depends on your companions as much as on you. Take a look at our list and see which companions are more likely to save your hide more than a few times!
List of Companions

The Outer Worlds | Tips & Strategies

Tips.Strategies 1_The Outer Worlds
Stuck in a quest? Don't know how to fire a gun? We've got you covered. Our tips and strategies will give you an extra dose of becoming a responsible person and employee while you're in Halcyon!
Tips & Strategies

The Outer Worlds | Game Mechanics

Ludwig Fees.jpg
Don't know what eating is for? Confused about how to move around in Halcyon? The Game Mechanics are where you go to. Take a look at our list for the basics to surviving your first few days in Halcyon and beyond.
Game Mechanics

The Outer Worlds | Enemies

Enemies 2_The Outer Worlds
Halcyon is filled with different dangers--aside from the rough terrain, you need to look out for other lifeforms and enemies as well. Take a look at this list to know which ones to avoid, and which ones to take out.
List of Enemies

The Outer Worlds | Items

Items 1_The Outer Worlds.png
When you do great things for the advancement of company ideals, we'll take care of you! Here is a list of the different items to help you become a better recruit.
List of Items

The Outer Worlds | Trophies (Achievements)

Stellar workers are rewarded for stellar behavior. Learn how to get each Trophy and our advice on finding each hard-to-get trophy!

List of Trophies (Achievements)

The Outer Worlds | Skills

Skills 3_The Outer Worlds
Skills are what makes your character the best fighter or shooter this side of Halcyon! Browse through our list and find out how to cover your weaknesses with your strongest skills.
List of Skills

The Outer Worlds | Perks

Perks 1_The Outer Worlds
Perks are a combination of your skills and attributes, or what makes you tough or quick on your feet. View our list of perks and see which of these you should be focusing on growing.

List of Perks

The Outer Worlds | Attributes

Attributes 3_The Outer Worlds
Here is where you take a look at which of your attributes matters the most in your survival. Look at this list if you're unsure whether you're creating a fighter, a medic, or a long-ranged combatant.

List of Attributes

The Outer Worlds | Aptitudes

Aptitude 1_The Outer Worlds

Before your career as the intrepid captain of a commandeered vessel, what kind of role did your character play in their old life? Define yourself with an Aptitude!

List of Aptitudes

The Outer Worlds | Flaws

Flaw 1_The Outer Worlds
No recruit is perfect. Flaws offer you an extra perk point, but at the cost of a -minor- injury of sorts. Take a look at our list of Character Flaws!

List of Flaws

The Outer Worlds | Reputation

Reputation 2_The Outer Worlds
The Halcyon Colony is host to a number of Factions, each with their own personal objectives. Learn which Factions you may be coming into favor or disfavor with, and how it will affect your adventures.

Reputation & Factions

The Outer Worlds | Characters

Characters 1_The Outer Worlds
Taking your first steps on Halcyon? Find out who are the characters you'll meet along the way in this list!

List of Characters

The Outer Worlds | Planets


The titular Worlds of The Outer Worlds are free to travel between on your trusty (?) vessel, The Unreliable. Learn about what can be found on each of these Worlds and the Locations and Characters on each!

List of Planets

The Outer Worlds | Message Boards

Message Boards 2_The Outer Worlds
Quite the chatterbug, are we? Head over here to discuss everything about The Outer Worlds with your fellow players and the community.

Message Boards

About The Outer Worlds

Game Information

Game Title The Outer Worlds
Release Date October 25, 2019
(Windows, PS4, Xbox One)
June 5, 2020
(Nintendo Switch)
Available Platforms Microsoft Windows
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Genre Action / Role-Playing
Price (Physical/Digital copy) $59.99
No. of Players 1 (Single-Player)
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher Private Division
Official Site The Outer Worlds | Official

An Unlikely Savior

Char-Portrait_The Outer Worlds
You are onboard the Hope, a colony ship abandoned on the outer fringes of the galaxy. You and your companions, left to die in the coldness of space, get an unlikely ally in the character of Phineas Vernon Welles, a wanted fugitive. You soon find yourself on Halcyon, a Terran colony, in search of a way to revive the hibernating colonists.

Unlock adventure as you make your first steps on a planet threatened by a vicious global corporation, where your every decision weighs heavily on the fate of the colony.

Journey to Halcyon

Planetrise 2_The Outer Worlds
There are endless possibilities awaiting you in Halcyon, a Terran colony located on the very farthest reaches of the galaxy. Guaranteed full employment awaits you character, with a length of service time dictated only by how successful you are in completing your tasks!

Revel in the beauty of Halcyon's flora and surroundings, while taking care not to disturb some of its feral fauna.

The Fate of a Planet at your Fingertips

Dialogue 1_The Outer Worlds
The Spacer's Choice, in cooperation with the Halcyon Holdings Corporation, won't leave their recruits lonely! Every choice and dialogue options tips the balances towards the success of your mission--or a total failure of catastrophic proportions. Will you be able to make the right moves and say the right words, or will you be the death of all?

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