How to Add Friends and Play Online | Pokemon Cafe Mix

This is a guide to adding friends in Pokemon Cafe Mix. Learn how to play multiplayer with your friends and what you can do together online!

How to Add Friends

  1. Complete the first 9 Orders
  2. After Order 9, click the new Menu button on the bottom left of the screen
  3. Select "Friend list"
  4. Select "Add friends" from the top and input the ID of the friend you want to add

Step 1: Complete the first 9 Orders

Pokemon Cafe Mix - Pokemon List Banner.png

The option to add friends will not appear until the first nine Orders are complete, so be sure to get through the initial part of the game first! Our guide below provides all the information you need to know for completing the first nine Orders.

Beginner's Guide to the Early Game

Step 2: Tap the Menu button at the bottom left of the screen


In order to add Friends, you'll need to access the Menu button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The Menu looks like its namesake – a Cafe Menu! You can't miss it!

Step 3: Select Friend list


Select the Friend List option from the Menu to bring up all your current Friends and add new Friends.

Step 4: Input the ID of the friend you want to add


After opening your Friend list, you can click the Add friends button on the upper right. From there, you'll be able to enter a Friend ID and add new Friends to your list.

There's currently no way to search for Friends within the game, so you'll have to receive the Friend ID from your friend directly to add them.

Check your Friend ID in your Profile


If you're wondering when you ever set your Friend ID, it's because you didn't! The Friend ID is set automatically, and you can access it from your Profile. Below the Friend ID label, you'll find a string of 12 digits which acts as your Friend ID.

How to Play Online with Friends

No Current Multiplayer Feature

Currently, no Multiplayer option has been confirmed in the game. There also doesn't seem to be a feature to give Hearts to other players, so the options for Friends are currently extremely limited. We're excited to see how this feature will be developed further in the future.

Check each other's progress in the game

After you've registered another player as a friend, you'll be able to see how many Orders they have completed so far. You can also see your own number of Orders completed, so you can compete with your friends to see who can get the farthest!

Friend Features

  • Friendship doesn't have to be mutual
  • A player can have up to 99 friends
  • You can see your friends' progress
  • Players can become friends across Switch and mobile versions

Friendship doesn't have to be mutual

Just like in real life, one-sided friendships do exist. By simply adding a player's Friend ID, you can add them to your Friends list. It's not required to send your own Friend ID to allow them to add you, so the feature acts more like a Follow list than a Friend list.

There's actually no notification for when another player adds you to their Friend list, so be careful who you share your Friend ID with if you don't want to end up on strangers' Friend lists!

You can have up to 99 Friends

It's possible to expand your Friend list all the way to 99 players. On the other hand, there doesn't seem to be a limit to how many players can add a single player to their Friend list, so it's possible that a single popular player could be followed by far more than 99 players.

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WC2258Q9WXLD Relaxo is still hungry :-(

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>>24 does anyone know how to do the "form a team to get snorlax"thing? i can't work out how to form a team.

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