Beginner's Guide to the Early Game | Pokemon Cafe Mix

This is a beginner's guide to Pokemon Cafe Mix. Learn how to progress through the first part of the game, and all about the basic techniques and obstacles you will encounter!

All Bonuses for Orders 1-9

Order No. Bonus Unlocked
1 ・Charmander's first visit
・Cafe Skills
2 ・Minccino's first visit
・Golden Acorns
・Friendship Levels
3 ・Megaphones
4 ・Snubbull's first visit
・Combining Cafe Skills
5 ・Tea Shelf
6 ・Sugar Cubes
・Friendship Bonus
7 ・Charmander joins the staff
8 ・Changing Leaders
9 ・New cafe area added
・Daily Stamp Board

Gameplay Basics

Cafe Skills

Charmander Cafe Skill.png
Each Pokemon has a unique Cafe Skill that they can use while completing Orders. By matching Pokemon icons, the gauge in the bottom left will fill up. When it gets full, a Skill will appear as a new icon on the screen!

By matching icons which match the Leader Pokemon, and when the Order matches the Leader Pokemon's Specialty, the gauge will fill up more quickly. Try to focus on clearing out the Leader Pokemon's icons as much as possible to make Cafe Skills appear!

Golden Acorns

Pokemon Cafe Mix - Get Golden Acorns 1.png

Golden Acorns are obtainable items which act as an in-game currency. Golden Acorns can be used to increase your number of remaining turns in an Order, recover your Hearts, and buy Items.

Unlike gacha games, there's no currently known element of chance or rare Pokemon collecting possible with Golden Acorns, so they are mostly used as a way to help players continue when they run into difficulties with completing the puzzles.

Friendship Level


Friendship Level is akin to a Pokemon's Level in the main series. By increasing visiting Pokemon's friendship level, players can recruit them to join as staff, and increase the stats of Pokemon who have already joined.

How to Increase Friendship Level



Megaphones are a type of icon which appear during Orders to assist players. When players make matches successfully, they will appear facing a certain direction, and when used, can destroy icons in a row in the direction they are facing.

Tea Shelf


The Tea Shelf is one of the available upgrades for the cafe. As the cafe gains more upgrades, the cafe's Offerings will increase as well, and for each new Offering which appears in an Order, new Gimmicks will appear to challenge the player.

Upon adding the Tea Shelf, the player will gain Lilligant Floral Tea as an Offering, and the Sugar Cube Gimmick will begin appearing.

Sugar Cube (Gimmick)


The Sugar Cube is a Gimmick unlocked together with Lilligant Floral Tea upon addition of the Tea Shelf. The Sugar Cube can be destroyed by making 3 Matches touching it, or by using a single Cafe Skill or Megaphone on it. Be sure to use these bonuses effectively to take out the Sugar Cubes!

Friendship Bonus


Occasionally, a Friendship Bonus will occur before an Order, during which you'll have the opportunity to increase the ordering Pokemon's Friendship Level more than usual. After you either complete the Order, fail, or retry, the Friendship Bonus will end, so aim for victory on your first try to nab that Friendship Bonus!

Changing Leaders

After you've unlocked Charmander, the second Pokemon for your staff, you'll be able to change between the Leader who carries out the Order. Some Pokemon have a Specialty which makes their Cafe Skill gauge fill up twice as fast on an Order which matches that Specialty. Be sure to always pick the right Leader for an Order to get the most out of your matches!

Cafe Areas

As you complete Orders, the cafe will begin to expand with new Areas, which will attract more Pokemon to come and visit the cafe. Continue completing Orders and creating new Areas to gain more and more new Pokemon for your staff!

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