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This is a guide to increasing your Pokemon's Friendship Level in the game Pokemon Cafe Mix. Learn how to raise Friendship quickly, and what good things happen to your Pokemon when their Friendship goes up!

How to Increase a Pokemon's Friendship Level

Complete Orders for the Pokemon you want to befriend


A Pokemon's Friendship Level will increase when you complete Orders for that Pokemon. As players are not able to determine which Pokemon will visit the cafe, the only way to increase a specific Pokemon's Friendship Level is to continue completing Orders until the same Pokemon has returned to the cafe multiple times.

During a Friendship Bonus, the Friendship Level will increase more


When you complete an Order, you'll sometimes receive a Friendship Bonus for the next order, which gives you a chance to increase the Friendship Level of the ordering Pokemon by more than usual. Keep in mind that if you fail or retry the Order, you will miss your chance to gain the Friendship Bonus, so be sure to select the right Pokemon and play carefully when completing the Order.

Throw a Party

After completing Order 49, a Party will occur, which provides an opportunity to gain additional Friendship. 2 random Pokemon will be selected and invited to a Party, and when you complete their Order, the Friendship Level of both Pokemon will increase. After completing the first of their Orders, you'll gain access to a second Order – completing that order successfully will increase both Pokemon's Friendship Level by 2.

Effects of Increasing Friendship

Friendship Effect
0→1 The Pokemon will join your cafe staff
1→2 The Pokemon's stats will increase

Pokemon will join your cafe staff

Pokemon Cafe Mix - Pokemon List Banner.png

When you increase the Friendship Level of Pokemon who visit your cafe to 1, the Pokemon will join your cafe as a staff member! As each Pokemon has a different Skill and Specialty, having more Pokemon will allow you handle more Orders appropriately and complete the game more smoothly.

Pokemon's Stats will increase

Initial Stats Max Stats
EeveeStatsLevel1.jpgEnlarge EeveeStatsLevel2.jpgEnlarge

When a Pokemon on your staff's Friendship Level increases to 2, that Pokemon's stats will increase. The stat which goes up depends on the Pokemon, so while some may gain an increase in Extra time, others may get a bonus to Score multiplier.

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