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Welcome to our guide for Pokemon Cafe Mix. Find a full list of Pokemon, Offerings, and Gimmicks here, with detailed info about each. We've created video guides and strategies for completing for each of the challenging orders. For Pokemon Cafe Mix strategies, look no further than Game8!

Pokemon Cafe Mix Pokemon List

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No Pokemon game without Pokemon to... recruit? Check our list below if you wanna hire 'em all!

Pokemon List

Pokemon Cafe Mix Offerings

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We're not sure whether it's the sugar content or because everything looks absolutely adorable, but all dishes in Pokemon Cafe Mix look sweet enough to rot your teeth. We love it!


Pokemon Cafe Mix Gimmicks

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Gimmicks spice up the gameplay in Pokemon Cafe Mix by offering extra challenges to your orders!


Pokemon Cafe Mix Orders

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Struggling with a specific Order or looking forward to a specific treat? Check out our list of Orders!

Pokemon Cafe Mix Tips & Tricks

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Is There any Re-Rolling? Switch and Mobile Differences
How to Get Golden Acorns How to Add Friends and Play Online
Beginner's Guide to the Early Game How to Increase Friendship Level
How to Get Hearts -

What Kind of Game is Pokémon Café Mix?

Puzzle Game where you Link Pokemon

Pokémon Café Mix is a game where you link a chain of Pokemons by swirling them around with your finger. Choose your favorite Pokemon and link as many of them as you can to solve tricky puzzles and fulfill Orders for customers!

Official Website and Product Info

Release Date June 24, 2020
Price Free to Play
Producer Nintendo
Genre Puzzle Game
Platforms Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS
How to Get Download
Website Pokémon Café Mix

This is our guide for Pokémon Café Mix, brought to you with love and served by a Charmander! Here, you can find all the latest information, lists of Pokemons and dishes, as well as message boards to find more Café friends. If you've come for Pokémon Café Mix guide and information, we'll get you just the order you need, so find a table and check it out!


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