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This is an article regarding the possible items to purchase in the game Ninjala. Read more to find out what you can buy from the shops by both using Jalas and Real Money!

List of Purchasables

Purchasable by Money



You can purchase Jalas, the in-game currency, for real money in the shop. Jala is used to buy cosmetics, gachas and Ninjala Passes. Read our guide below to find out more.
How to Get More Jalas


There are some DLCs that can be purchased using real money. Some examples are the Tengu DLC pack that was released on on July 21 2020.

Purchasable by Jalas

Ninjala Pass

Exclusive Ninjala Pass.png
You can purchase a Ninjala Pass at the cost of Jala in the shop. Read more about it in our guide down below!
Is the Ninjala Pass Worth Buying? | Ninjala Pass Guide

Ninja Bundle

The Ninja Bundle is an upgraded Ninja pass that advances you 25 tiers as well.


You can buy Tiers as well to quickly get items you want in the rewards list at the cost of Jala.


Using Jala, you can buy items that modify the appearance of your character and game mechanics, although all of these are strictly superficial and have no bearing on gameplay. Once bought, they can be equipped in the Closet menu. Below are the categories of cosmetics you can purchase.

Costumes, Headgear, Facial Accessories You can buy outfits that your character can wear in-game.
Gum Bottles You can buy Gum Bottles that modify the container of gum at your character's back, but does not modify the gum itself.
IPPON Decorations You can buy items that modify the appearance of your IPPONs on your screen and opponents' screens.
Emotes You can buy different emotes to use in-game.

Where to Buy Purchasables

All of these shops can be found in the Shop portion of the Main Menu.

Jala Shop

jala shop.jpg
The Jala Shop is where you go to buy Jala in-game. Read more in the Jala guide posted above.

Ninjala Pass Shop

The Ninjala Pass shop is where you go to buy Ninjala Passes, Ninja Bundles and Tiers.

Specialty Shop

Ninjala Specialty Shop
The specialty shop sells cosmetics daily and refreshes stock so it sells unique items every day. Read more in our guide to the Specialty Shop!
What is the Specialty Shop?

Gumball Machine

The Gumball Machine is a gacha-like mechanic that offers you random items if you spend Jala or Gold Medals. Find out more in our guide down below!
How Does the Gumball Machine Work? | Gumball Machine Guide

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