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This is a Glossary about all commonly used terminologies in Ninjala. Read on to know all the terms used in Ninjala like S Burst, Jala, Medals, Gum Weapons, Shinobi Cards, and more!

Glossary and Terminologies

Combat Related Terminologies

combat terminologies.jpg

Term Meaning
Normal Attack Tap the attack button to perform.
Wide/Back Attack Hold the left stick downwards then tap the attack button to perform.
Side Attack Hold the left stick sideward then tap the attack button to perform.
Block Hold the Block Button to perform. You ninja will blow a gum which is used to block enemy attacks. Can be broken by the enemy's break attack.
Parry Guide
Attacking or Blocking at the same time the enemy attack lands on you. Opens opportunity for S Burst.
Break Attack An attack that breaks the enemy weapon. It can also destroy shield and bound the enemy in gum.
Gum Weapon
Weapon Tier List
The weapon equipped by your ninja. Can be changed in the Closet.
Gum Shoot A projectile attack. Varies from weapon to weapo. Can be used by holding the block button then tapping the attack button to shoot.
Specials List
A special move that varies from weapon to weapon. Can be used by using the special button (differs depending on the controller setup.).
Ninjutsu List
A Shinobi's strongest move. Varies from weapon to weapon.
Ability List
Provides passive buffs to your Ninja. 2 are equipped to your ninja at all times and varies depending on the weapon equipped.
Shinobi Cards
Shinobi Card Tier List
Provides bonus effects for your ninjas when equipped.
Assist Codes Provides bonuses to Shinobi Cards.
Utsusemi An item that the ninja can morph into or summon as a decoy. Can be summoned by using the right D pad or transformed into by tapping the Down D pad (default controls).
Red Drone Red Colored Drones found on the battlefield. Can be eliminated to increase Max S Energy.
Green Drone Green Drones work the same way as red ones except it gives the buff to nearby teammates too.
Hammer A slow weapon that packs a punch.
Katana A sword like weapon that sports a balanced speed and damage.
Yo-yo Extremely speed and has a long range. Lacks power and the ninjas HP gets lower compared to other weapons.
Gum Boost A dash that can be used while in mid-air. Hold the block button then tap the jump button to perform a Gum Boost.
Morph Transforms to an object identical to the one nearest to you.
S Burst A combat state where you choose an offensive move using the left stick. Consumes 4 S Energy to perform.
S Energy A resource your ninja uses to perform mobility moves and S Burst. Can be refilled by collecting the yellow orbs around the map.
What is IPPON
A stylish kill that rewards more points to the player that lands the kill.

Menu Terminologies

menu terminologies.jpg

Term Meaning
Medals An obtainable ingame currency. There are three types which are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Jala Another ingame currency that can be purchased using real money. Used to buy cosmetics for your avatar.
Avatar Your ingame character. Can be customized in the avatar menu under closet.
Controls The input setup for your controller
Closet A menu in the main menu screen. Used to change your equipment, avatar, shinobi cards, emotes, and gum utsusemi.
Emote An ingame action that can be performed by your avatar. Can be changed in the closet.
WNA The World Ninja Association. Plays a key role in Ninjala's story.
WNA Academy A Box Type Arena for Ninjas to duke it out in a battle royale fashion.
Eagle City An Urban metropolis with a wide range of buildings. An extremely big area with several lines that your ninja can use to traverse the area quickly.
Gum Consumption Refers to your Cosmetics' stock. One stock is consumed per use and the item disappears once all stocks are consumed.

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