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  • Ninjala Game Review

Massive changes for Ninjala's Version 1.2 Update! Read on to stay ahead of the game and be the best ninja!

Ninjala is Bad
This is Game8's game review for Ninjala. Check our game rating and learn how we rated the game based on its story, gameplay, soundtrack, and other features that exists in the game. Is Ninjala Bad? Read our Game Review to find out!

Ninjala Review Score

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Overall Score
Story Gameplay Art & Graphics Fun
5/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

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The total rating of the game. The scores available ranges from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
Story: How captivating the game's story and world is.
Gameplay: How we rate the mechanics and systems designed and put in the game.
Art: Rating how beautiful the game's graphics are.
Fun: What everyone wanted. Here, we rate how fun it is to play the game.

Who Should Play Ninjala?

  • Players who want an action-packed game
  • People who want to play multiplayer without paying for Nintendo Online
  • People who like hack-n-slash and multiplayer
  • People who want a melee-based Splatoon
  • Kids who want a PG-13 game

Ninjala Game Review

Welcome to Ninjala!

Ninjala is a colorful multiplayer action brawler in a world where ninja derive their power from gum. Its kid-friendly popping colors, whacky weapons and gum inspired powers give it a sort of similar vibe as Splatoon, another one of Nintendo's smash hits.
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This brawler has you with seven people, either in teams of two or in a free for all fight, battling in an arena. You can use one of three types of weapons: Swords, Hammers, and Yo-yos, and you can pick between four weapons per type, each with different skills, Ninjutsus, Specials, and attacks.

The Good Parts

The Best Things In Life Are Free

While Ninjala may not absolutely be the best thing, it's still pretty good. It's even better considering that it's absolutely free from the Nintendo eShop. It's worth getting even to try out, because playing it is free. The only things that costs money are the in-game currency, which can be earned through playing, and the story mode, which will be discussed later. You have access to all weapons at once, so it's not really pay to win as well.

Colorful Combat

It's hard not to draw parallels to Splatoon's aesthetic, as it seems heavily derived from it. You play as kids from a punk-like aesthetic with weapons that have been toned down from violent to fun. There are multiple flavors of gum that color the screen and make pandemonium a pleasing visual experience. For children, this would be the perfect game to get into, offering all the fun wacky fighting without the gratuitious violence. For people who love stylized art, this offers a fun looking fighter that's easy on the eyes, if a bit immature looking.

Deeper Than It Looks

Despite its childish aesthetic, the combat is quite enjoyable and deep. While it is possible early on to just mash attack and luck out through the clashes to win, there's a lot more you can do. More than mindlessly bashing attack, there are various directional attacks, combos to be learned, and different weapon movesets to be mastered.
Help From Teammmates.jpg
Tactically placed gum shoots, proper usage of Ninjutsu, clever Special usage, baiting S-Bursts and the like add a level of depth that'll require work to put you a cut above the rest. Like gum, you'll find yourself sticking with this game trying to learn the various tricks to make you the best Ninja around.

The Not-So-Good Parts

A Clash of Kids

A main mechanic that looks great are the clashes: cinematic clash of blades between two rival ninjas. A shockwave knocks all interlopers back, and its just the two of you, frozen for a second. This initiates a rock-paper-scissor type matchup, where different directional attacks beat others. With this being a central mechanic, it's a tad bit annoying that there's no indication or chance to read your opponent's movement. It makes the choice feel more arbitrary and random than a tactical choice. While it may be likened to Ubisoft's For Honor for the use of directions and parrying, it feels a bit more arcadey, like For Honor leaning more onto the side of the hack-n-slash genre.

Comically Bad Story Mode

Ninjala Chapter 1 Episode 4 Giant Boss.jpg
There is no cost to playing the multiplayer, which is arguably it's strength, there is a single-player story mode you can buy. It tells the story of Ninjala in a comic-like narration and is released episodically. However, the fun of Ninjala is mostly found in the multiplayer, and the single player is a lackluster collection of non-descript enemies that aren't much fun to fight.

Money Sink Mechanics

gumball machine.jpg
There are money sinking machines that the Ninjala Devs has made for the players. The Gumball Machine offers abysmmal percentages to win items and the other consolation prizes would just expire in a single battle. The game is free-to-play so this can be entirely ignored if you're not the type to purchase costumes for your characters.


All in all, Ninjala is a solid multiplayer experience that does not lack depth despite its child-like aesthetic, and is a good try for dedicated gamers or a good entry point for casual gamers and children who own a Nintendo Switch. While some core mechanics are frustrating, the rest of the core gameplay is solid and it makes it a great multiplayer experience that everyone should try.

Ninjala Price and Product Information

Title Ninjala
Release Date June 24, 2020
Price Free
Platform Nintendo Switch
Genre Multiplayer
Developer GungHo Online
Publisher GungHo Online

Where To Buy

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>>5 might have a different outcome imo. i think this will be easy to play on other consoles (cuz of better hardware) especially on PC.

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what a waste of space in my switch

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