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This is a tips and tricks guide for beginners that wants to start playing Ninjala. Check out our top tips available to get your ninja career started in the right direction!

Top 5 Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Tip #1: Get Those Drones!

While it may be fun and tempting to just jump into battle in a battle royale, especially when people start flinging gum all around you, don't forget to fight the drones! S-Energy is important and drones can score you a good amount of points as well.

Tip #2: Don't Be Afraid To Run!

Run away
The way of the ninja is not always that of direct confrontation. When things are looking bleak, there's no shame in making a tactical retreat. Battles you lose mean more points for your opponents, and in Ninjala, every point counts. So if you're low on health or caught without S-Energy, escape with your dash or your Special, and hide away.

Tip #3: Pick Your Battles!

Say you do have to fight a losing battle- remember that there's a huge difference between a K.O. and an IPPON. If you don't think you're gonna win a fight, don't let them get an IPPON by not fighting back in a futile battle.

Tip #4: Don't Mash S-Burst!

Force Parry.jpg

It's tempting, maybe even instinctual to press zL whenever the prompt comes up, but don't waste your S-Burst by pressing zL unless you know you're going to get attacked. It's possible that you just get hit and won't be attacked, but you'll press zL and lose the ever important S-Energy.

Tip #5: Mix Up, Don't Mash!

As mentioned above, it might be instinctual to press zL whenever you're hit? It works both ways, so once you hit someone, they might just mash zL and do an S-Burst. If you were mashing attack, you'd go into a parry. But what if you didn't mash attack? If you had paused, and they did an S-Burst, you can hit them with a Break Attack and destroy their weapon as you Gum Bind them! Remember there are many other options aside from mashing attack!

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>>2 Its more important than you think

2 Anonymous3 months

A lot of these are just about running away

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