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This is a walkthrough for Episode 3 of Chapter 1 in Ninjala's Story Mode. Read on to find out more about the story mode's objectives, rewards, tips for this level.

Episode 3 Story Walkthrough

Mission Start

1 Pursue your target up the middle platformNinjala Chapter 1 Episode 3 Jump Pad.jpg
2 Defeat the space ninja and pick up the capsule in the middle of the floating platform
3 Go to all four destinations and complete their objectives
4 Find the ninjas carrying the capsules in the four destinations

4 Destinations

Destination A: Rooftop
A1 Look through the boxes to find the disguised Ninja
A2 Defeat the space ninja that ambush you
A3 Pick up the dropped capsule in front of the food truck
Destination B: Construction Area
B1 Defeat all the ranged space ninja
B2 Pick up the dropped capsule in the middle of the area
Destination C: Lobster Food Truck
C1 Defeat all the space ninja
C2 Defeat the big yellow space ninja
C3 Pick up the dropped capsule in the middle of the area
Destination D: Cozy Harbour Cafe
D1 Defeat all the space ninja
D2 Pick up the dropped capsule in the middle of the area

Space Ninja

1 Head to the main street
2 Defeat the space ninja
3 Defeat the bossNinjala Chapter 1 Episode 3 Boss.jpg
4 Pick up the capsule dropped in the middle of the street

Episode 3 Rewards

Gold 5 Gold Medals
Silver 20 Silver Medals
Bronze 80 Bronze Medals

Hard Mode Rewards

Gold 10 Gold Medals
Silver 45 Silver Medals
Bronze 140 Bronze Medals

Tips and Tricks

Use the Spring Pad to Get to the Central Stage

Ninjala Chapter 1 Episode 3 Jump Pad.jpg
In Multiplayer, you get to the floating platform by riding a gum rail up to it. This isn't present in this mission, so it might have you confused. You can head up using a spring pad located just below the rooftop you start in.

Destination B: Use Back Attack

All of your opponents will be ranged, either flying or on the ground, so you'll be faced with a lot of projectiles. Using back attack will allow you to warp behind them and keep you moving per attack, effectively dodging.

Destination D: Stack Up Your Targets and Unleash Your Ninjutsu

Ninjala Chapter 1 Episode 3 Cozy Cafe.jpg
Destination D will flock you with space ninja and overwhelm you. The more, the merrier, however, when it comes to your ninjutsu. Manouver around them so that they all bunch up and unleash your ninjutsu to get a lot of them at once.

Defeat the Boss to Despawn the Additional Enemies

The boss appears with another hulking yellow space ninja, and fighting both can be difficult. However, once you defeat the boss you won't have to deal with the other space ninja, saving you time.

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